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"I have taken certain measures."
―The Chameleon Nezire's first words after by contacted by Shibolena in Miss Nishiyama's body.[src]

"What're you doing here?"
―The Chameleon Nezire when confronted by MegaBlack.[src]

"No. No!"
―The Chameleon Nezire's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

―The Chameleon Nezire reacting to Galaxy Mega energising it's sword and his final words before his death.[src]

Chameleon Nezire' ((カメレオンネジレ, Kamereon Nejire 4):


A chameleon based Nezire Beast who was used by Shibolena to project her image across the internet with the digital camera on his shoulder, which in the process would take control of people and have them undergo "Nezirian Teaching" to make them into blood-thirsty sadists. After freeing Miss Nishiyama from the mind control with Kouichirou Endou unconscious, Shun managed to pinpoint the address, only to fall into a trap as they were sucked into a pocket dimension where Chameleon Nezire is omnipotent as he electrocuted the four. Koichiro managed to find the real location and battled Chameleon Nezire, overwhelmed by the monster's camouflage until MegaBlack use Satellite Searcher to negate the effect and managed to free the others. The others arrived in time to take him down with the Drill Saber and they used their Final Shoot attack to defeat the Chameleon Nezire. Bibidebi arrived soon afterwards and infected Chameleon Nezire into a giant, only to be killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Side Cutter. Ep. 4: Smash it! Shibolena's Trap

However, the Nezire's arm remained with a shard from the MegaSaber in it,m leading the the latter creation of Shrimp Nezire. Ep. 5: Decide! This Is an Underhanded Battle


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