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Chameleon Mozoo (カメレオンモズー Kamereon Mozū, 24) is the chameleon-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Sneaking into a Gold Museum. First saw by Goggle V in a picture taken by a kid. Went after the boy that took the picture. In trying to take the kid that took the kid. Goggle V found him hiding. In the first battle Chameleon Mozoo used his tongue and sprayed sneezing powder at Goggle V. Ran away. He turned a couple of kids (that were in the picture) blue. He poured a liquid in a the kid's drink that changes him to see though his hand to the magazine. Then change the camera boy's complexion to orange. The kids were part of a plan to steal the gold at the harbor. Before the kids were completely on their way of fulfilling the plan Goggle V stopped them. In the way of stopping Chameleon Mozoo they use Dynamite Clubs and finally Goggle Victory Flash. In the Chameleon Kong, finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after using Hook.


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He can jump high, crawl on walls, become invisible, emit explosive flashes from the diamond on his torso, has a long tongue, emit a sneezing spray from his mouth, can change the skin colors of people via eye flashes, and can teleport.

Behind the Scenes


Concept art


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