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Chameleoncanth (カメレオンカンス Kamereonkansu, 10) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Mason and Psygorn


Taking the form of a chameleon, it has shoulder missiles, a cloaking system to hide, and a long tongue that can constrict and hold down Bio Robo while emitting energy surges.


Chameleon Canth is deployed while Bioman is working on a new secret technique for Bio Robo, but its appearance is merely as a diversion to allow for Mason to use Doctor Man's new Bio Killer Gun, a special gun filled with Anti-Bio Particles (the same particles that destroyed planet Bio) that was meant to weaken the Bioman and Bio Robo. After an initial shot weakens Bioman enough to throw them out of Bio Robo, Peebo is forced to use Bio Dragon as a diversion against Chameleon Canth long enough to retrieve Bio Robo and rescue it from being attacked.

After the Bio Killer Gun is ultimately defeated by Mika Koizumi sacrificing herself to take all of the shots before being killed by Psygorn's Garden of Bombs, Chameleon Canth is redeployed to defeat the weakened Bioman. With Mika fighting alongside them in spirit, the team use their new technique, the Cross Slash, to defeat the Mecha-Gigan.


Chameleon canth

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