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The Chameleon Animal Spirit is Camille's jungle beast Zord. Its mouth functions as a gun that releases the Zord's tongue, which can then bind opponents. It has the capacity to join the Lion Animal Spirit's transformation with the Jungle Pride Megazord but would only cling onto its forearm as a handheld weapon. It doesn't appear to be specially designed to combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord but merely serves as an attachment.

Chameleon Attacks

  • Chameleon Tongue Attack


  • A Micro Zords version was made of the Chameleon, bundled with Rhino Steel Megazord.
  • A Transforming version was also released bundled with the Battle Megazord set, as well as the Fury Megazord set, which includes all the attachments for the Jungle Pride Megazord.

Ultimate Megazord

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