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"Transformation! Jet Garuda! Complete! Jet Garuda!"
―Red Hawk announcing combination[src]

Jet Garuda (ジェットガルーダ Jetto Garūda): The Jetmans' second robot that transforms from an airship called the Bird Garuda (バードガルーダ Bādo Garūda). Its toy version is known as Super Dreadnought Jet Garuda (超弩級 ジェットガルーダ Chōdokyū Jetto Garuda)


Appearances: Jetman Episodes 23


Jet Garuda was made by Dimension fighters, Ray, Kanna and Dan. When Dimension figthers came on Earth, they joined forces with Jetmen, and Jet Garuda was stored on Sky Force facilities. The Jetmen basically inherited Jet Garuda when Dimension figthers were killed, and from that point they used it as a secondary robot. It was destroyed in the final battle, but shown rebuilt in the sequel manga.

Video Game appearances

Jetman video game

Jetman Game Robo Battle

Great Icarus faces off against a boss in a robo battle.

Great Icarus appears in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game. It is used to defeat the bosses of each area in the game.

Bird Garuda

Actually an alien space-ship built and manned by the three survivors of the Kingdom of Dimensia, one of the many dimensional planes conquered by Vyram.

Jet Garuda

When the command "Transformation! Jet Garuda" (変形! ジェットガルーダ Henkei! Jetto Garūda) is given, the cockpit of the Bird Garuda forms the head, the tailfins become the back, the rear intakes become the feet, and the forward engines are the shoulders (the forearms and lower legs slide back) then it lets out a powerful eagle screech. It forms the headdress, body (with Jet Hawk as the center), forearms, and lower legs of the Great Ícarus and attaches to the rear of the Ícarus Haken to form the Hyper Haken. It is armed with the Dia Blizzard (ダイヤブリザード Daiya Burizādo), Wing Slasher (ウィングスラッシャー Wingu Surasshā), Garudo Searcher (ガルドサーチャー GarudoSāchā) and the Garuda Burst (ガルーダバースト Garūda Bāsuto). Its finishing attack is the Garuda Claw (ガルーダクロー Garūda Kurō).

Appearances: Jetman Episodes 23

Combined Forms

Great Icarus

Great Icarus (グレートイカロス Gurēto Ikarosu): The combination of the Jet Icarus and the Jet Garuda into a powerful robot. It is formed by the command "Fusion! Great Scram" (合体! グレートスクラム Gattai! Gurēto Sukuramu), and armed with Great Beam (グレートビーム Gurēto Bīmu). It destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack is the Bird Maser (バードメーザー Bādo Mēzā).

Appearances: Jetman Episodes 24, 26-28

Hyper Haken

When the command "Fusion! Haken Scram" (合体! ハーケンスクラム Gattai! Hāken Sukuramu) is given, it can reform into the Hyper Haken (ハイパーハーケン Haipā Hāken, Haken is German for "hook" or "mark"), which is armed with the Hyper Buster (ハイパーバスター Haipā Basutā) and its finishing attack is the Hyper G Attack (ハイパー・G・アタック Haipā Jī Atakku)

Appearances: Jetman Episodes 32, 34



  • Jet Garuda was the first sentai mecha to be modeled after a mythical creature, specifically the Garuda.
  • While the Icarus Haken is an homage to the God Phoenix from Gatchaman, the Hyper Haken is an homage to the Gatchaspartan from Gatchaman Fighter, as both combine all the respective mechas into one single vehicle for a supercharged finisher attack. (The Hyper G Attack and Kagaku Ninpo: Hypershoot respectively.)
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