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Cerberus Voyager (ケルベロスボイジャー Keruberosu Boijā) is a Cerberus-themed Kyu Voyager, known as the Cosmic God of Destruction Cerberus (宇宙の破壊神ケルベロス Uchū no Hakaishin Keruberosu).


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Appearances: The Geth Indaver's Counterattack


Cerberus revives when all three Cerberus Stones, sealed on planets Dober, Husky, and Bull in the Cerberus System, are assembled. After the final battle against Jark Matter's independent units, the Cerberus Stones returned to their respective planets. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger The Movie: The Geth Indaver's Counterattack

Kyutama Gattai Cerberios

Kyutama Gattai Cerberios (キュータマ合体ケルベリオス Kyūtama Gattai Keruberiosu) is the robot formation of the Cerberus Voyager and four other Voyagers.

Kyutama Gattai 05*06*07*09*111 Cerberios

Kyutama Gattai 05*06*07*09*111 Cerberios (キュータマ合体05,06,07,09,111ケルベリオス Kyūtama Gattai 05,06,07,09,111 Keruberiosu) is the default combination of Cerberios. It features Kajiki Voyager as the right arm, Chameleon Voyager as the left arm, Oushi Voyager as the right leg and Hebitsukai Voyager as the left leg.

Using the power of Shishi Red Moon, Cerberios can grow even more gigantic; even bigger than the earth.

Its finisher is the Cerberios Final Break (ケルべリオスファイナルブレイク Keruberiosu Fainaru Bureiku): Cerberios charges at the enemy destroying them in the process.

Appearances: The Geth Indaver's Counterattack


  • Cerberus Voyager is the first Sentai Mecha to be based on the Mythical Cerberus.
  • The Cerberus Kyutama having the number 111 is most likely a pun on wan-wan (ワンワン), the Japanese onomatopoeia sound of dogs barking.
  • Cerberus Voyager is a retool of Shishi Voyager, possessing a new head and two new pieces that attach in the Kyutama slots on either shoulder to form its two additional heads.
    • The DX Cerberus Voyager has four teal pieces that replace the female plugs located on the underside of Shishi Voyager's feet. Because it lacks these female plugs it is impossible for it to combine with Ryu Voyager, Gigant Houou, Kojishi Voyager, or to attach Washi Voyager to its back without modding the toy with parts from a DX Shishi Voyager.
  • Cerberus is the only Voyager without an associated Kyuranger.
  • The voyager's heads resemble that of a Doberman, a Husky, and a Bulldog.



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