This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.

This unidentified individual served as the Yellow Ranger of the Power Rangers in the Cenozoic era. These Power Rangers were betrayed by Rita Repulsa - the Green Ranger - who sought the Zeo Crystal; barring the Red Ranger, Zordon, all Rangers died by her hand. Eons later, the Yellow Ranger's place would be inherited by the human Trini Kwan.

Yellow Ranger


Yellow Ranger


  • Yellow Power Coin: The Yellow Ranger's supernatural crystal, which is the source of her powers, and her ability to morph.


  • Yellow Sabertooth Battle Zord: The Yellow Ranger's alien battle vehicle, very powerful, yet hard to control, with her successor only being able to control her Zord after gaining full access to her morphing capability.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Ranger Physiology: After receiving a Power Coin, one would gain the following superpowers:
    • Super Strength: A Ranger has a considerable level of superhuman strength, to the point that they can easily break a washstand with his bare hand.
      • Super Leaps: A Ranger is able to use their superhuman strength to perform super jumps, to the point of leaping over a large abyss.
    • Super Durability: A Ranger's body is superhumanly durable, to the point that they cannot be physically harmed by ordinary humans.
    • Super Climbing: A Ranger is superhumanly skilled at climbing, notably scaling a steep cliff in mere seconds.
    • Morphing: A Ranger, upon finally gaining access to this power, is capable of morphing their body into a suit of powerful armor.


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