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"RPM, Get in Gear!"
―Morphing "security" call

The Cell Shift Morpher is a device used by the Ranger Operators Red, Blue and Yellow. They can be used to communicate with other Rangers and Doctor K herself, as well as summoning and piloting the Zord Attack Vehicles.

Alternative to the Cell Shift Morphers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger. Power Rangers Super Megaforce



The Morphers were created by Doctor K after she creates the Venjix Virus.

Beast Morphers

Cell Shift Morpher (Beast Morphers Season 2)

The Cell Shift Morpher in Beast Morphers Season 2

Sometime after Venjix was defeated, he hid himself into a Cell Shift Morpher, which were later transported to Grid BattleforceThe Evox Snare


The Cell Shift Morpher that contained Venjix

It was revealed that Evox was contained in one when Nate Silva was using it for research and inadvertently creates a new form for the Venjix Virus, as Evox. He then uses the Cell Shift Morpher that contained him to repair himself.Source Code

Morphing Sequence

They are able to morph by inserting a morphing Cell Chip and using the command phrase "RPM, Get In Gear!". The sequence themselves has the three run through a track and passing through panels which forms the suit then skidding to a halt where their seat belts and helmets are then applied.

Megazord Summoning Codes


  • Like the Chrono Morphers, they use DNA signatures, however, unlike those Morphers the bond is permanent.
  • Cell Shift Morphers take the shape of specialized phones, similar to Wild Force Growl Phones, the Mystic Morphers and the Overdrive Trackers.


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