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Celina Cristobal is the original voice actress of Hikaru Katsuragi (Kimberly), the first voice of Peebo (Ep 1-10, 50-51), and both Farrah and Farrah Cat in the Philippine English dub of Choudenshi Bioman. She later voices Laraba in the Tagalog dub of Hikari Sentai Maskman and Annie in Uchuu Keiji Shaider in her native language. She was the first voice actress of Hiyoshi Go (Little John Armstrong) from the renowned classic anime series Voltes V before being replaced by Geraldine Oca as his second voice.




  • Before she portrays as Hikaru Katsuragi in the series, Celina Cristobal has an main alias which was present on other non-union voice actors/actresses in most media even in other countries. Her pseudonym name is Christine Bonnevie when she voices Hiyoshi Go (Little John Armstrong) in Voltes V.

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