This article is about a/an set of Giant Robos in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

The Zyuden Giants (獣電巨人 Jūden Kyojin) refer to the giant humanoid forms of the Zyudenryu, which are either certain Zyudenryu's humanoid forms or the result of a Biting Combination (噛み付き合体 Kamitsuki Gattai).

The combining process occurs when the Beast Batteries of the other Zyudenryu enter the main body of the combination prior to the actual combining's beginning.

PteragordonPlezuon and Bragigas can fight on their own as Zyuden Giants Pteraiden-OhPlezu-Oh and Bragi-Oh respectively, while Gabutyra and Tobaspino combine with other Zyudenryu to become Kyoryuzin and SpinoDaiOh. The remaining Zyudenryu (Stegotchi & Dricera, Parasagun & Zakutor, Ankydon & Bunpachy) combine with the Zyuden Giants (except for Bragi-Oh) as their arms.

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