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During the Sporix War, the Morphin Masters granted the six Knights of Rafkon the ability to morph into the Dino Fury Power Rangers to combat against the Sporix. When Zayto asks how they could defeat the giant Sporix, the Morphin Master created Zords for them. These included six main ones that were based on the statues from the recently created Dinohenge and four auxiliary Zords. After the Sporix War ended, the Zords were deactivated until time was needed for their return.

Present Day

In the present day, Zayto was reawakened by Solon when Void Knight went to steal the Sporix from their chest. After they were set loose, Solon began the reactivation process of the Zords for Zayto and the newly joined Ollie and Amelia. The first Zord Solon began working on was the T-Rex Champion Zord. She was able to activate it just when Shockhorn grew giant sized. Zayto used the T-Rex Champion Zord in Battle Mode to fight against the Beast, managing to defeat him.

The second set of Zords Solon worked on reactivating was the Tricera Blade and Ankylo Hammer Zords for Ollie and Amelia. After some struggles, Solon was able to reactivate them in the middle of the battle against Vypeera. After Zayto struggled to fight her due to her immobilization abilities, Ollie and Amelia used their Zords along with some Boost Keys to blind Vypeera's chest. Under Zayto's direction, they formed the Dino Fury Megazord and defeated her.

After Izzy and Javi joined the team, Solon began work on locating their Zords for reactivation. Using the Nephrite Orb that housed the missing Tiger and Stego Dino Keys, Solon was able to locate the two near Greely Woods. However, because both Zords were buried under 65 million years worth of rocks, Solon said she would build a locator device to find the missing Zords. Unknown to the Rangers, Mucus learned about their plan and reported it to Void Knight and Boomtower. Void Knight hatched a plan to distract the Rangers with Brineblast while Boomtower and Mucus launched a drill bomb at the Zords to destroy them. However, the plan was foiled when Izzy, who was in the middle of a race, spotted them and drove the two away. She called her friends and had them trick Brineblast into freeing her Tiger Claw Zord. With the Zord freed, they formed the Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation and defeated Brineblast.

The final Zord to find for the five Rangers was the Stego Spike Zord, but even with the newly created scanner, finding it proved hard for Solon. However, they found out that the Stego Spike Zord resonated with Javi's music and Solon had him play for the location. They manage to find it at Greely Woods and Javi manages to reawaken it with his flute. Javi would send the Stego Spike Zord to the fight against Boomtower, having it combine with the Megazord to form the Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation, which managed to best Booomtower.

During the fight against Tombtress, Amelia was able to acquire the Blazing Dino Key from her Pop-Pop and activated the Blazing Battle Armor. However, doing so activated the Dimetro Blazing Zord, which appeared after Amelia summoned the T-Rex Champion Zord. She would combine the two Zords into the T-Rex Blazing Megazord and it was used to defeat Tombtress.

After Aiyon was released from his stasis, he asked Solon if she had any luck reactivating his Mosa Razor Zord. However, she said she has not been able to. The situation became more dire when it was revealed that Void Knight was after it as well, with the intent to destroy it. Ollie realizes that he must have learned the Zord's location in a previous plan when Slyther hacked into his mother's computer and copied her data. While the Rangers see the Mosa Razor Zord sleeping underwater, they are unable to find it in time before being pulled into a fight with Wreckmate. After nearly losing the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation in an underwater battle, Aiyon discovers that his Zord reawakened as it attacked Wreckmate. With Zayto by his side, Aiyon activates the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode and they destroy Wreckmate. According to Solon, the Zord re-awoke based on Aiyon and Zayto restoring their friendship.

Following the discovery of the lost Shadow and Light Dino Keys, the Rangers use them to locate the missing Light and Shadow Raptor Zords on the planet Nibyro. After passing a test created by the planet's guardian, Aiyon was able to leave with the twin Raptor Zords and later combined one of them with his Zord to form the Mosa Shadow Megazord, which overwhelmed a revived Boomtower. When Dr. Akana was captured and tossed into the Dark Dimension by Reaghoul, Zayto merged his Zord with the two Raptor Zords to form the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord, which defeated the evil necromancer.



Legend: piloted mecha, 2-person mecha, auxiliary mecha; colors are in reference to Rangers who piloted them and not the physical color of the zords


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