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The Zordon Era is an unofficial term used by the fans of Power Rangers to refer to the first six seasons of the franchise. It is called the "Zordon Era" because Zordon served as the mentor to the Rangers during the first four seasons and remained a significant plot-related character throughout the next two seasons, culminating in his death in Countdown to Destruction. Several seasons that came after the Zordon Era included characters or connections to Zordon Era.

Zordon Era Seasons

Seasons with ties to the Zordon Era

Seasons with no ties to the Zordon Era

Other similarities

Other than Zordon being a central character, there were also several similarities that were abandoned (some, without explanation) after the Zordon Era ended.

Similarities include:

  • Each season was a continuation of the previous one.
  • All main villains were of extraterrestrial origin.
  • The Rangers had to keep their identities secret as stated in one of Zordon's rules. (Post-Zordon Era season Lightspeed Rescue dropped this practice by having the Rangers morph in public.)
  • The Rangers were assisted by a sentient robot named Alpha 5 or Alpha 6 (this would continue for one more season in Lost Galaxy), whose name would often be shortened to simply Alpha.
  • With the exception of In Space, the Rangers' mentor lived inside a glass tube.
  • The Rangers attended high school.
  • Every season of the Zordon era took place in the fictional city of Angel Grove.
  • Bulk and Skull provided comic relief (Bulk returned to provided comic relief in Samurai and Super Samurai, this time with Skull's son Spike).
  • The Rangers, unlike their Sentai counterparts, had the ability to instantly teleport to any destination (even different dimensions).
  • The Rangers all wore communication devices, simply called "communicators", on their wrists.
  • With the exception of In Space, the Rangers held their base of operations in a futuristic bunker called the Command Center/Power Chamber.


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