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The Zetsumates

The Zetsumates (ゼツメイツ Zetsumeitsu) are the trio of Ancient Debo Monsters who are infamous for causing the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event that wiped out the Dinosaurs.

Though each were destroyed, the Zetsumates are resurrected by Chaos to stop Plezuon's return while getting revenge on the Kyoryugers. Though Debo Nagareboshi is destroyed, Debo Hyogakki and Debo Viruson offer their services to wreck Plezuon Lab.

The revived Zetsumates' signature attack is the Deboss MetsuBall (デーボス滅ボール Dēbosu Metsubōru), each member adding his power into a ball before launching it at an opponent.


Debo Hyogakki

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Debo Hyogakki (デーボ・ヒョーガッキ Dēbo Hyōgakki) is the first of the Zetsumates to be revived, Themed after an impact winter, and although, he is the weakest of the three Zetsumates, he is armed with his TsuraLaunchers (ツラランチャー Tsuraranchā) and can also launch the Hyogakki Ice Bombs (ヒョーガッキ・アイスボム Hyōgakki Aisu Bomu) from his TsuraLaunchers. Sent to attack humanity, Debo Hyogakki ends up being destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Gabutyra.

Later revived alongside his fellow Zetsumates, Debo Hyogakki aided in the attack on Plezuon Lab. After Deboth's death, Debo Hyogakki decides to exact revenge on humanity with his Freeze-cry Tactic (フリーズクライ戦法 Furīzu Kurai Senpō), where he turned peoples' tears into a freezing agent to turn Japan into the epicenter of a new ice age. Though he intended to use Yayoi, Debo Hyogakki is defeated by the Kyoryugers before being enlarged with him and his supporters destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.[1][2] Voiced by Kenji Nomura (乃村 健次 Nomura Kenji).

Debo Viruson

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Debo Viruson (デーボ・ウイルスン Dēbo Uirusun) is the right-hand man of the Zetsumates group, and the second of the Zetsumates that the Kyoryugers confront. Themed after a virus and armed with the ViruSpear (ウイルスピア Uirusupia), Debo Viruson is able to infect others with various diseases to do his bidding along with other skill including biomaniuplation and spawning clones of himself. Revived during the Middle Ages, Debo Viruson was seemingly destroyed by Kyoryu Cyan and Ankydon.

But in reality, a piece of Debo Viruson ended up in Ankydon's Zyudenchi and regenerated, allowing the Debo Monster to infect the Zyudenryu over the centuries and projecting his image outside it. Though he inadvertently sabotages Candelilla's scheme with Debo Batissier, Debo Viruson offers his aid to her with the Nemunemu Sickness (ネムネム病 Nemunemu Byō), that makes humans fall into a permanent slumber filled with sweet dreams, as her singing voice increases the Zetsumates' power. But once tricked out of Ankydon by Amy, his heart broken (literally and figuratively) in the process, Debo Viruson is destroyed by Kyoryuzin Macho.

Later revived alongside his fellow Zetsumates, Debo Viruson creates Debo Computer Viruson (デーボ・コンピュータウイルスン Dēbo Konpyūta Uirusun) to aid in a scheme to destroy Plezuon Lab. Meanwhile, as his clone works to sabotage the lab, he is then drafted by Dogold to aid in producing a large amount of Restoration Water with his Good Culture Ability (グッド培養能力 Guddo Baiyō Nōryoku) to revive Deboss.

However, enlarged after fulfilling his mission, Debo Viruson and Debo Computer Viruson both cease to exist when the former was absorbed by the reawakened Dark Species Deboss.[3][4] Voiced by Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史 Takemoto Eiji).

Debo Nagareboshi

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Debo Nagareboshi (デーボ・ナガレボーシ Dēbo Nagarebōshi) is the last and the leader of the Zetsumates, making him the most powerful of the Zetsumates to face the Kyoryugers. He is themed after a meteoroid, specifically the Chicxulub impactor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, and is armed with the NagareboShields (流レボシールド Nagareboshīrudo) and the Star HyuMachine (星ヒューマシン Hoshi Hyūmashin). Using meteorites on his abdomen, he can perform the Meteorite Balls (隕石ボール Inseki Bōru), Great Galaxy Balls (大銀河ボール Dai Ginga Bōru), and Super Galaxy Balls (超銀河ボール Chō Ginga Bōru) attacks.

Revived in 6th century China, Debo Nagareboshi battled Kyoryu Gray before being sealed away within a volcano. However, in present day, Debo Nagareboshi is awakened by the power boost caused by Deboth's stirring. After learning of the deaths of Debo Hyogakki and Debo Viruson, Debo Nagareboshi vows to avenge his fallen comrades, yet he himself is ultimately destroyed by Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu.

Later revived alongside his fellow Zetsumates, Debo Nagareboshi ends up being destroyed by Rocket Henkei Plezu-Oh in outer space.[5][6] Voiced by Kazuki Yao (矢尾 一樹 Yao Kazuki).

Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

The Zetsumates are among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.



  • "Zetsumates" is a portmanteau of "Zestumetsu" (絶滅, lit. "Extinction") and "Mates"


  • Their role call in their return episode, as well as their group attack, is reminiscent of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.
  • It was never revealed who originally created the Zetsumates or what kind of emotional energy they are supposed to gather. It is presumed that Deboss himself created them as they have no visible totem mask anywhere on their body and only the Debo Monsters created by Deboss lack this feature.


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