Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an set of monsters in Power Rangers Zeo, the second season in the Zordon Era.

Machine Empire Monsters

The monsters of Zeo are robots created by the Machine Empire. To make a monster grow, Klank would swing Orbus around until he latched onto the monster, injecting an energy that would enlarge the monster.

Orbus uses his enlargement energy on Silo

Rita and Zedd's Monster


Machine Arena


  • Out of all of the Ohranger monsters, there were just 4 monsters that went unused in Power Rangers Zeo. In order of appearance;
    • Bara Brain went unused due to because the unmorphed Ohrangers and Muira were in almost all of it (including the shot of him dying) as well as Mika being a small Japanese girl who he possesses for almost all of his episode, however he was seen in the Power Rangers Zeo toy commercial.
    • Bara Nightmare went unused due to his face being considered too horrifying for American audiences as well as the fact that his weapon is a butcher's knife.
    • Bara Police went unused in the show due to using a very realistic revolver which was very taboo to show in the United States.
    • Bara Mobile went unused due to there not being a Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo crossover, mainly due to the fact that four out of the five Zeo Rangers would become part of the first lineup of the Turbo Rangers.
    • Machine Beast Tamer Keris went unused due to her outfit and whip bearing resemblance to the act of sadomasochism along with her dominatrix appearance (monster form), and her particularly massive breasts being on full display.

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