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The Worlds (ワルド Warudo) are one of two types of robotic monsters used by Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo.[1] A World is created when a Kudakk is selected and upgraded to harness powers of a specific Tojiru Gears. Ijirude attaches robotic parts totems to Kudakks to upgrade them. These Kudakks gain the power and their specific ability of the specific World totems. They also gain the ability to speak and behave in a more humanoid fashion. Upon creation, they are able to transform their surroundings into the world contained within its Tojiru Gear.


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Known Worlds


  • Like the Jamenshi, the Rinrinshi, and the Jaakuryuu, Worlds are created from a foot soldier from their respective villain groups.
    • Like the Jamenshi, with the exception of unique head and/or body part sculpts, the Worlds share a single base body design.
  • While they are created from Kudakks, the Worlds use the basic bodysuit template of a Kudaiter.
  • They are similar to the Gangler Monsters as they used these Tojiru Gears for evil.
  • In Japanese, the Worlds are spelt without an elongation in their names, making them more akin to be read as "Walds". This is likely done to avoid copyright issues due to Mushroom World sharing the same name as a group of countries in the Super Mario Bros. video game series.



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