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World of the Coinless

World of the Coinless

The World of the Coinless (also referred to as Drakkon's timeline or Drakkon's world) is an alternate universe where Tommy Oliver broke the spell of Rita Repulsa, but in his state of confusion decided to go willingly back to her side. United, Rita and Tommy, newly rechristened as Lord Drakkon, used a more subtle approach to wear down the planet’s resistance to their rule; ultimately leading to a massive battle between Rita and Drakkon's united forces and the forces of Zordon in one final battle. This battle would be costly, as Drakkon would end up killing Jason Lee Scott, Billy Cranston, and many more, though Jason is revealed to be alive and had his death faked while being imprisoned by Drakkon. Additionally, Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan ended up powerless, later forming a resistance group in opposition to Drakkon's tyrannical rule known as The Coinless.


Divergence with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers History

The history of the World of the Coinless begins the same as the main world of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 12 (with the additional fact established that Rita Repulsa had covertly tried to recruit Zack Taylor as her Green Ranger one month before Tommy Oliver arrived in Angel Grove) Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 5, but the main divergence point centers around the final battle of the "Green With Evil" storyline.

In this world's timeline, after Jason Lee Scott shattered the Sword of Darkness, Tommy Oliver came to his senses, but teleported away from the other Rangers in confusion and fright. The other Rangers searched the globe for him, but Tommy kept teleporting from place to place; it was eventually revealed that the places he teleported to were locations where he had previously lived. At some point, Rita Repulsa caught up with him and managed to bring him back into her fold by telling him the story of a fallen general loyal to her who went by the name of Drakkon, who brought an everlasting peace to a section of the galaxy Rita controlled. Inspired by this story, and by Rita's words, Tommy goes with her of his own free will, and pledges renewed fealty. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 Annual While Zordon and the Power Rangers worked to defend the Earth from chaos, Rita and her forces took a more subversive approach, by saying the world needed to be remade in order that it might be saved. Over many years, Rita conquered more and more of the planet through a mix of subversion, appeasement, and all out brutality when necessary. Meanwhile, Zordon brought in additional allies, including Ninjor, the Phantom Ranger, and the Blue Senturion. Over the course of various battles, the Blue Senturion was killed, and Zordon, Alpha 5, and Ninjor created the sentient sword Saba. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 15

The Fall of the Rangers & The Rise of the Coinless

Emboldened by her success, Rita and Tommy gathered their forces for one final attack on the Command Center. Meanwhile, Zordon had shored up his defenses for the attack by enlisting the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Ninjor, and the Phantom Ranger; along with the Thunderzords, the White Tigerzord, the White Ninja Falconzord, and Tor the Shuttlezord. They would soon engage in the decisive battle referred to later as "The Fall of the Power Rangers."

Zordon's plan was to harness all the good left in the world and use that power to create a new Ranger; a White Ranger that would be stronger than any Ranger that had come before. Jason Scott was the one chosen to be given this power, along with the White Tigerzord, the Falconzord, and the sentient sword Saba to aid him. However, as Zordon started the process to empower Jason, Rita and Tommy's armies arrived. A bitter battle ensued. In the melee, Tommy entered the Power Chamber, knocked Jason out cold, and took the power of the White Ranger for himself. He then destroyed Zordon's stasis tube, thus untethering him from this reality.

As the battle resumed, Billy Cranston died at some point during the fight after saving Trini Kwan's life; who then took and held on to his Blue Ranger Power Morpher and Triceratops Power Coin. For his part, Saba teleported away, promising to Zack that he would return with alternate Billy from a world where the Green Ranger never returned to evil who would help save this timeline. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 13 In desperation, Saba tried to be a tether for that world's version of Zordon, but managed to tether the main worlds version of Zordon who was left adrift after the Black Dragon's attack on the Command Center. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 15 Immediately following the battle, Rita congratulated Drakkon on his success. He, in turn, realized that he was being held back by her, and stabbed her to death with the Dragon Dagger.

At some unknown point Finster became Finster 5 (a cyborg with parts of Alpha 5 grafted onto his body),and became Drakkon's loyal aide-de-campe. Following the battle, Lord Drakkon used the Power Coins and the Morphers taken from Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly to power his various Ranger Sentries. Meanwhile, the survivors of the battle at the Command Center became The Coinless, a resistance group led by this world's Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan, and included this world's Aisha Campbell, Bulk and Skull (who was deep undercover as a Mastodon Sentry in Lord Drakkon's army). Hidden in the forest and hills north of Angel Grove, they protect who they can and also guard "The Artifact," which turns out to be the late Billy Cranston's Triceratops Power Coin and Morpher. For her part, this world's Kimberly Hart was also part of The Coinless, mainly evacuating people to safety and running reconnaissance missions with the aid of this worlds version of Skull. On one of these missions, she witnesses the death of her universe's version of Matthew Cook. This, combined with the other losses she had experienced, lead her to launch a solo attack against Lord Drakkon. While she was able to defeat many Sentries on her own, she is eventually put under a spell by Drakkon similar to the one Rita used on him when he was the Green Ranger. She was given back her Pterodactyl Power Coin and Morpher and a Bow of Darkness, much like the original Sword of Darkness, that maintained Drakkon's control over her. Thus she became the Ranger Slayer.

The "Black Dragon" Arc

Meanwhile, in the main Mighty Morphin Power Rangers world, after Rita Repulsa failed to recruit Zack Taylor as her Green Ranger and started to consider Tommy Oliver, Drakkon reached out to her through the Black Dragon to warn her that Tommy would leave her, and said, "When you're truly ready to rule the Earth, when you realize I'm right, then you will see me." Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 5

At some point after the "Green With Evil" storyline, Rita received the Green Chaos Crystal, which was linked to this world's Tommy Oliver and drew energy from any chaos or damage he caused, whether it was by fighting one of Finster's creatures with the Dragonzord in the Bay Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 1, or by having Scorpina and a group of Putties attack Tommy directly. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 2 The final straw was when Finster created an unstable copy of the Dragon Dagger that, when powered by the Green Chaos Crystal, allowed Scorpina to control the Dragonzord and create chaos in the city. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 4 When taken back to the Command Center, the Crystal was further fueled by the Rangers' bickering, which caused the Black Dragon to open a portal and come through into this world; the subsequent explosion destroyed the Command Center, untethering Zordon from this reality, and sending Scorpina, who was presumed dead, to the World of the Coinless. The Black Dragon then captured Billy and used his Power Coin to disconnect all of the Rangers save Tommy from the Morphin Grid (since Tommy's connection to the Morphin Grid functions differently from the other five Rangers). Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 6 In desperation, Jason and Tommy took the Dragonzord and went to Rita's base on the Moon to rescue Billy, but the Black Dragon was there and fought them both to a standstill before it lost its arm. Using the Black Dragon's arm, Tommy was able to divide his connection to the Morphin Grid between Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly; who were able to gain control of their Zords, but were wearing green variations of their uniforms. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 8 Meanwhile, Billy and Goldar (who was imprisoned for his failure to secure the Green Ranger) watched the battle with the Black Dragon and noticed an entrance hatch at its neck; with Billy realizing that the Black Dragon could be a Zord. Goldar allowed Billy to escape, and he and Tommy teleported inside the Black Dragon and caused it to implode. While everyone thought that the Black Dragon, Billy, and Tommy were dead, the latter two were teleported to the World of the Coinless. At this point Rita realized that the Black Dragon, as she knew him, was still alive. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 9

Billy and Tommy arrived on the World of the Coinless but were quickly pursued by Mastodon Sentries, who alerted Lord Drakkon. Meanwhile, they found the underground chamber where Saba was hidden after the Fall of the Rangers battle and they had their first encountered Lord Drakkon; who was revealed to be that world's corrupted version of Tommy Oliver. Thanks to Saba triggering the remains of the White Tigerzord and then activating the White Ninja Falconzord, Billy and Tommy escaped to find the resistance group the Coinless led by that world's Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan. It was there that Billy learned about his death in that world, and "The Artifact" that Drakkon was searching for; that world's version of the Blue Power Morpher and Triceratops Power Coin. As Drakkon's forces advanced, Billy realized the truth about Drakkon's powers; the Green Chaos Crystal is actually a crystalized piece of the Morphin Grid that amplifies Drakkon's various connections to it, and using his Morpher Billy shattered Drakkon and his army's connections to Morphin Grid.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers on the main world realized the Black Dragon was made from the Dragonzord. They were then lured to a trap by Finster and Rita where they had to fight clones of Goldar made by Finster. As Trini was brought into Rita's throne room, she realized Rita's teleportation blocks were weakest there and teleported in the remains of the Black Dragon, which Trini had reconfigured into an exosuit to fight. Angered, Rita ran in retreat. It was then that Trini caught the signal from the other world, and was able to port the team to the World of the Coinless. As they turned the tide of the war, Drakkon jumped off a cliff, and Scorpina (who had been working with Drakkon's forces since she arrived in his world) ordered his forces to retreat. After the battle, the main world Rangers teleported back to the main world with this world's version of Saba, who was still tethered to the main world's version of Zordon. Unbeknownst to them all, the chronal energies dragged the nearby Drakkon to the main world.

"Shattered Grid"

When Lord Drakkon came to, he found himself trapped on the main world; where he was summarily captured, and through some unknown circumstances imprisoned at the headquarters of the technical supercompany Promethea at the behest of its CEO (and former Red Ranger of the 1969 Power Rangers) Grace Sterling. Meanwhile, while Rita Repulsa was in retreat tracking down the Wizard of Deception to have him craft the Green Power Draining Candle, Finster had created fourteen new monsters that for all intents and purposes were human and undetectable until they were randomly activated. Working with Sterling and Promethea, the Power Rangers captured Finster and hid him in the Pocket Dimension, and while they tried to track down all of these remaining new monsters, Saba took it upon himself to offer Finster his own dimension to play god in, which Finster ultimately refused. Eventually Rita found Finster and broke him out of the Pocket Dimension and he returned to her side, while Alpha 5 and Saba managed to rebuild Zordon's stasis tube and transfer his essence into it. Once he returned, the Rangers questioned some of Zordon's decisions; such as keeping both the existence of the 1969 Power Rangers and his order to Zack to keep his recruitment to be the Green Ranger by Rita a secret from the team.

It was over the course of working with Grace and her company on the problem of Finster's new monsters that the Rangers discovered that she was holding Lord Drakkon in secret at Prometha. While Zordon and the Rangers discussed what to do, Saba went on his own to see Drakkon with the intent to spare the Rangers and kill Drakkon. Unfortunately, Drakon was too fast and he managed to rip off Saba's head and escaped with his damaged Black Dragon Morpher by using what appeared to be a teleportation spell.

Meanwhile, in the year 3000, the Time Force Rangers were tracking a massive nexus-level time fracture that was affecting the entire history of the Power Rangers on the hole. As they tried to use the Time Force Megazord to stabilize and hopefully seal the crack, a surge came and wiped out Trip, Katie, and Lucas. In desperation, Wes used the Megazord to buy time for Jen Scotts to use a Transportal Device to track the source of the fracture to the present day.

As the Rangers searched for him, and Billy and Trini tried to use the Green Chaos Crystal and the parts of the Black Dragon to warn The Coinless rebels, Drakkon himself went to the Temple of Power to seek out Ninjor's aid in repairing his Morpher; which he did, but it left Drakkon weak and at a fraction of his powers. Repowered, Drakkon captured Ninjor, and then snuck into the Command Center with his Power Coin to steal the Green Chaos Crystal. He then managed to track down this world's Tommy Oliver and stabbed him in the back Sabra. This paradoxical act of temporal chaos recharged the Green Chaos Crystal, and Drakkon was able to teleport back to his world, despite the interference of Kimberly Hart and Jen Scotts, who arrived in this timeline as Drakkon was getting away and Tommy Oliver died in Kimberly's arms.

Lord Drakkon's Return and Battle with Scorpina and HyperForce

While Lord Drakkon was stranded in the main timeline, his world had changed. Though his forces retained control, The Coinless and other resistance groups were gaining the advantage thanks to the arrival of the HyperForce Rangers. As if this wasn't bad enough, Scorpina had gone rogue and was seeking Lord Zedd's personal zord Serpentera to use to destroy the Western seaboard. In desperation, Finster 5 gave the last fragment of the Green Chaos Crystal to the Ranger Slayer , this world's version of Kimberly Hart, to find their missing leader. The Ranger Slayer took the Crystal and her Gravezord, a kitbashed Zord made primarily from the remnants of the Thunder Zords, to the past. However, through a combination of a barely charged Chaos Crystal and the Morphin Grid's cordoning off of the timeline to prevent paradoxes from Tommy's death, she overshot and instead of finding Lord Drakkon, she encountered the original Power Rangers not to long after they had formed. In the ensuing conflcit with the original Rangers, Drakkon's hold on the Ranger Slayer was shattered thanks to the main timeline's Kimberly Hart.

Upon arriving back in his world at New Tech City, Drakkon came face to face with the HyperForce Rangers, who he coerced into helping him get Serpentera from Scorpina. After tense negotiations, Marv brokered a truce between Drakkon and the HyperForce Rangers to find and stop Scorpina. Arriving at Serpentera, they are met by Sabertooth and Mammoth Sentries that Drakkon destroys for their loyalty to Scorpina. Scorpina and her forces end up being taken down by Drakkon's Tyrannosaurus Sentries and himself, and she radios her Sentries to attack the nearby town. The HyperForce Rangers split into two groups: Marv and Vesper staying with Drakkon while the rest try to save the town. During the fight inside Serpentera, Drakkon kicks Scoprina to the top of the zord while Marv follows, and Vesper stays inside to regain Serpentera's controls. Drakkon manages to grab Scoprina by her neck while Marv handcuffs her. Then Drakkon betrays the HyperForce Rangers by removing Marv's HyperForce Morpher at the exact moment Scorpina, with her remaining strength, wraps herself around Drakkon with her legs. By doing so, Drakkon lets go of Marv, then falls back into Serpentera. When he reaches the cockpit of Serpentera, he drops a unconscious Scorpina and attacks Vesper but it's too late: Serpentera is on a collision course into the ocean. Before finishing Vesper off, Eddie blindly teleports inside Serpentera to rescue her, but she jumps in front of Drakkon and he uses the Saba blade which, combined with the teleportation, cuts off Vesper's arm. Serpentera crashes, with the Rangers teleporting out in the nick of time. However, Drakkon emerges unharmed from the crash. A Tyrannosaurus Sentry then reports that Serpentera will be repaired and operational again within a month.

"The Great Campaign"

Following this attack, Lord Drakkon returns to Historic Angel Grove, where he is reunited his loyal followers and with Finster 5. Drakkon then mentions that it is time to begin his master plan, which he calls "The Great Campaign." Finster 5 expresses concerns since he has not been able to make a key facet of this plan work, but Drakkon assures him that they now have the one person who can: the main world's version of Ninjor, who Drakkon has in a brain-controlled thrall.

Meanwhile, as Jen Scotts mentions to the Rangers of the present day after Tommy's funeral, Drakkon's actions have caused a tear through the established historical timeline of the Power Rangers. Jen and the Time Force Rangers theorized that Morphin Grid has compensated for this by sectioning off each era of the Power Rangers history into distinct pocket dimensions. And while this protects the main timeline, it leaves each of the future groups vulnerable to attack. Billy and Trini then take the parts that they had left of the Black Dragon and combined with Jen's Time Force technology and theorize that if they can't go backwards in time, at least they could go across to each of these new pocket dimensions. Suddenly, they find Lord Drakkon's armies, who are in the process of attacking the Shiba House; home to the Super Samurai Power Rangers. The Power Rangers and Jen Scotts arrive in time to witness the carnage and manage to save only Red Samurai Ranger Lauren Shiba.

Back on his world, Finster 5 has one of fallen Super Samurai Rangers's Samuraizers hooked up to a machine, which added their power to Lord Drakkon; now having the power of the Green Ranger, the White Ranger, and one of the Super Samurai Rangers (presumably of the Green Super Samurai Ranger). When Drakkon asked if he needs more Samuraizers to power him, Finster 5 reveals a key fact he learned from Ninjor: Each set of Morphers within each specific team accesses the Morphin Grid in the same way. Thus, Drakon only needs one from each group to get that team's powes; any more would cause catastrophic damage. The remaining Samuraizers can be used to power his army (as is the case of Kevin's Samuraizer being the template for the Blue Samurai Sentry). Drakkon thus starts travelling to different eras to gain other Morphers; succeeding in taking Adam's Green Zeonizer (and killing the Zeo-era Tommy Oliver), TJ's Blue Space Ranger Astro Morpher (while destroying Alpha 6 and stranding TJ in the void of space), and a portion of Brody's Red Ninja Power Star (which he shattered to prevent Drakkon from taking the whole thing). Additionally, Drakkon's armies and the Dragon Cannon managed to depower Shadow Ranger and the B-Squad SPD Rangers and Ranger Operator Series Black.

Post-Drakkon Era



Lord Drakkon and the New Power Coalition

Based in what is now known as Historic Angel Grove, Lord Drakkon and his New Power Coalition rule the planet Earth and the rest of what was Rita Repulsa's empire.

The Coinless

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Hidden in the forests and hills north of the Command Center, the remaining depowered Rangers and allies have taken to leading the resistance against Lord Drakkon. They are referred to as The Coinless since they no longer have their Power Coins.

Zordon's Army


Power Rangers

New Power Coalition

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