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Wild West Rangers

Tyrannosaurus Rocko
Mastodon Abraham
Pink Kimberly (team leader)
Triceratops William
Sabertooth Tiger Miss Alicia



Wild West Power Coins

The Power Coins used by the Wild West Rangers.

When Kimberly was accidentally sent back in time to the year 1880, during Angel Grove's Wild West period, she found that she was not the only one from her time who had gone back. Goldar, Needlenose, and a platoon of Putties had also gone back in time to destroy Angel Grove's past. Kimberly realizing that she was incapable of defeating Goldar's forces by herself and traveled to the Command Center to convince Zordon of her intentions. Zordon gave her the Red, Black, Yellow, and Blue Power Coins to equip her own fighting force to stop Goldar. Kimberly gave the Power Coins to William, Rocko, Abraham, and Miss Alicia, the great-great-great grandparents of their modern day counterparts, to transform them into Wild West Rangers. With their help and the aid of the White Stranger, Kimberly was able to drive Lord Zedd's forces back to the present. After Goldar and his forces left Angel Grove's past, Kimberly returned the Power Coins to Zordon and was returned to the present shortly afterwards, before her presumed ancestor, Fuschia O'Hara came to colonial Angel Grove.


In their brief tenure as Power Rangers, the Wild West Rangers utilized blasters which they kept in holsters. Unlike the Blade Blasters, their default formation is kept in the weapon's pistol mode.



  • The Wild West Rangers' costumes are similar to the modern Power Rangers. Notable differences include a white neckerchief, embroidered boots and fringed gloves and spandex pants, which is near-stereotypical Western clothing elements. The costumes also lack the Power Morpher on their belts.
  • The Wild West teens were described by Zordon as being the modern teens' "great-great-great-grandparents".
  • The Wild West Rangers were never actually referred to as Wild West Rangers in the episode, as Kimberly merely addressed them as "brand-new Power Rangers". The term is taken from the episode's title.

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