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A collection of White Rangers as of Ninja Steel (Boom! Studios).

For the individual solely referred to as the White Ranger, see Tommy Oliver.

The White Ranger is a designation given to several Power Rangers. A White Ranger can be either male or female. Before Mystic Force, female White Rangers were always a member of the core five Rangers, while male White Rangers were special Rangers who came into the story later. Male White Rangers usually have a sword as their weapon, whereas the female White Rangers have weapons, not unlike those of Pink Rangers.

The first two White Rangers were the leaders of their teams.

Main White Rangers

These are Rangers who belong on the main team, and are protagonists of the show. They are also the first to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Secondary White Rangers

These are Rangers who, while belonging with the main team, are also the second to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Historic/Alternate Rangers

These are Rangers that exist in alternate or expanded versions of the main canon, or in past/future points in time of the main canon.

Clone Evil Rangers

These are Rangers based off of pre-existing Rangers.

Enhancement Modes

White Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes.

Legendary Ranger Modes

Female White

Female versions of the White Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. Costumes/Forms transformed by Super Megaforce Pink Ranger are equipped with skirts.

Additional White Modes

White Ranger costumes/forms never before seen in the franchise that appear on Super Megaforce.

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