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"Humans are used to the small, harmless insects on their planet. Wait until we land. We are the future! We will squash these humans and take this Earth for ourselves!"
―Admiral Malkor[src]

The Warstar was a mighty military organization and the main antagonist group of Power Rangers Megaforce. They were comprised of Insectoids, whose unity was the most powerful and efficient in the galaxy. They were a sub faction of The Armada who's primary mission was to wipe out the planets' resistances, leaving them easily to be enslaved by the empire whilst expanding the Insectoids further more.

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Warstar went to conquer Earth and its Solar System in order to further expand the reach of the Insectoids throughout the galaxy.

However, the insect invasion was deterred by the Mega Rangers and, after six unsuccessful onslaughts, Malkor warned Creepox and Vrak failure would no longer be accepted.

Instigated by this, Creepox then descended onto Earth to personally deal with the Rangers, but dies at their hands.

After Creepox met his end, Malkor recruited Bigs and Bluefur through Vrak's behalf. However, with the aid of the recently awakened Robo Knight and the power claimed from the Wild Sword, the Mega Rangers succeed in defeating the Toxic Mutants despite their usage of the Aurora Box.

Intent on dealing with his enemies personally as to avenge his fallen cohorts, Malkor entered a cocoon to rest and maximize his power within his Warstar Spaceship while Vrak left to complete his underwater base and create Metal Alice, whose raids were driven back by the Mega Rangers.

Sooner than expected, Malkor emerged from his cocoon, now far more powerful. He had planned on battling the Rangers and have Vrak to land the Warstar Ship on Earth. However, his plan failed when the Rangers used the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord to blast Malkor into the Warstar Spaceship, resulting in an explosion and marking the end of the Insectoids. The Human Condition

Unfortunately for the Rangers, Vrak's remains were later salvaged by Metal Alice so that his body could be rebuilt in a cyborg state. When Metal Alice and The Messenger were destroyed, Vrak ordered the beginning of the invasion of The Armada and left the scene to conceal himself from possibly being mistaken for an enemy by his brother, Vekar. End Game

Vrak would be destroyed much later on in Super Megaforce, destroying the very last remnant of Warstar. Vrak is Back



  • This is the second time the villainous factions in the corresponding Sentai and Power Rangers have the same name, with the first one being Gaoranger/Wild Force, with the Orgs.
  • Creepox, Malkor and Vrak would later call their kind as Insectoids. This would make Warstar their organization's name, not the name of their species.
  • Goseiger's Warstar was never connected to Space Empire Zangyack from Gokaiger but only in the Super Sentai Crossover movies. Whereas in Megaforce, Warstar is implied to be connected to the Armada as a sub group.

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