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The Warrior Contestants were monstrous fighters aligned with Galaxy Warriors sent by Galvanax and later Madame Odius to find the Ninja Power Stars so they can rule the universe. To be enlarged, Cosmo Royale would hit the pink button on his Gigantify Machine to fire a ray and enlarge them. In the event that a contestant was rejected for enlargement by the audience, though this only happened once, Cosmo would send down Skullgators.

Galvanax’s Contestants

Madame Odius’s Contestants

Sledge's Contestant

Other Contestants


  • Out of all the Ninninger monsters, they were just 3 Monsters that went unused. In order of appearance:
    • Puppet Ninja Kuroari was unused because almost all of his footage involved a Japanese woman and Kyoko Japan.
    • He was also the only member of the Galactic Ninjas not adapted into Power Rangers.
    • Yokai Fudagaeshi was unused because he appeared exclusively as a karuta card (karuta being a Japanese only card game) and was only seen in a Japanese dojo,.
    • Yokai Wanyudo was unused due to being defeated by the ToQgers who have not been adapted for Power Rangers due to very poor toy sales.

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