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The Void Family are the main antagonists of Power Rangers Dino Fury who are led by Tarrick with the goal of gathering Sporix eggs to revive his wife, Santaura. Unfortunately, after Santaura's resurrection, she suddenly betrays Tarrick and becomes the Void family's new leader, planning to use the power of Sporix to destroy humanity instead of leaving Earth.


Great Sporix Wars

"(Zayto): 65 million years ago, the Sporix were unleashed on my planet Rafkon. They hatched into ferocious beasts. I led the Knights of Rafkon, fighting to defend our home. We were not strong enough. The Sporix Beasts ravaged my planet, leaving few survivors. But their thirst for destruction could not be satisfied. The Sporix left Rafkon, hungry for their next target; Planet Earth. But we followed them. Determined to eradicate the Sporix, we fought alongside the dinosaurs to save Earth. With each battle, the Beasts became stronger until finally...they grew giant. We were forced to retreat. It seemed the Earth too would be lost. Until, the legendary Morphin Masters arrived. Ageless beings with untold power. They were here to help us. I'd heard of the Morphin Grid before but I had no idea how strong it was. The Morphin Grid joined us with the spirits of the dinosaurs.
(Ollie): So, with the Zords' help, you beat the Sporix Beasts? (Zayto is silent)
(Amelia): You did win right? You are here telling the story.
(Zayto): It wasn't the kind of victory you celebrate."
Zayto describing the Great Sporix Wars.[src]

Over 65 million years ago, the Sporix Beasts were first created at Rafkon, the home planet of Zayto and Aiyon. When the Rafkonian scientists attempt to first activate the machine that will unleash the Sporix to defend Rafkon alongside its people, Aiyon realized there was something dangerous about these beasts. However, Zayto prevents Aiyon from destroying the machine, but eventually realizes his comrade was right about how dangerous Sporix Beasts are. Though they and their fellow Knights of Rafkon fought hard, the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and removed all traces of life from the planet. The Sporix then turned their attention to Earth but Zayto, Aiyon, and the remaining Knights had managed to escape their destroyed planet and tracked the Sporix Beasts to Earth, where they engaged them in battle with the help of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. After multiple defeats and deaths however, the Sporix grew so powerful that they were able to grow and forced the Knights of Rafkon to retreat. Fortunately, the Morphin Masters came to Earth in the nick of time to help the Knights of Rafkon and their dinosaur allies by granting the Knights the Dino Fury Morphers by using their staffs to create a connection to the Morphin Grid and turning the dinosaurs into Zords. With their new powers, the new Dino Fury Rangers defeated the Sporix and trapped them back in their eggs which they locked in a chest although not before every member of the Knights of Rafkon, except for Zayto and Aiyon died. Aiyon however, got split from Zayto and stranded on the bottom of the sea, but was saved by the Green Morphin Master who put him into stasis until he was awakened by Ninja Nexus Prism where Lord Zedd will be revived sometimes after Zordon's Energy Wave in 65 million years later. Together with Solon, Zayto tried to destroy the Sporix Eggs at all costs but everything failed so he went into stasis with Solon standing guard, planning to wake him should the Sporix Beasts escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Dino Fury

Locating the Sporix

In the year 2021, a mysterious entity known as Void Knight came to Dinohenge (the place where the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers were first founded) and used a scanner to track a strange energy source to the site. However, two humans named Amelia Jones and Ollie Akana were packing their ghost hunting gear up to leave under Warden Garcia's order and until they saw the Knight and followed him inside. Void Knight stamped around the base, proclaiming that he was here for "that energy source" until a hidden door opened and revealed a Solonsaurus named Solon, who saw him and tried to awaken Zayto from his stasis tube just for the warrior to blast her and demand the energy source. Solon was less than happy when Void Knight called her old and introduced himself but Solon reacted quickly enough to unleash Zayto in an instant. However, Void Knight used his lightning to destroy the console and demanded the energy source again at the point of a sword. When Solon just bumbled, he tried to execute her but Ollie grabbed a Chromafury Saber from a shelf and blocked it to the villain's immense surprise and was then netted up by Amelia's Spook Snare before getting electrocuted by it. With the Void Knight down but far from out, Solon threw them the power source (called a Dino Fury Key) which allowed them to control the guardians of the base called the Hengemen to fight the Void Knight but the villain got free and took it for himself instead. He inserted it into his sword and "munched" the mouth on his saber which activated the Hengemen and brought them under his command. Recruiting them as his own foot soldiers, he had them fight the three and both Amelia and Ollie took a beating. Unfortunately for Void Knight, their relentless wish to fight on granted them the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon then gave Amelia and Ollie the Ankylo and Tricera Dino Keys and they became the first of the modern Dino Fury Rangers who were able to fight off the Hengemen. However, Void Knight had managed to find the power source which turned out to be Sporix Beast eggs which surprised even him and he had two Hengemen haul them away.

Although he nearly made it out of the door, Zayto was finally awakened when Solon punched the console and the Red Ranger did battle with the Hengemen and the Void Knight, knocking down the latter and making him drop the scanner. Zayto recognized Void Knight's armor and asked him where he got it but the entity didn't care and battled them anyway. Despite being briefly overwhelmed, Zayto changed his Chromafury Saber into the Dino Dagger and threw it at Void Knight who deflected it but it instead caught the drawer of Sporix Eggs which got free and managed to escape the base in the resulting chaos. Having gotten what he came for, the Void Knight decided that now was a good time to leave and escaped via the stairs, collapsing the tunnel roof to prevent the trio from following him out. But by the time he got out of the base, the Sporix Eggs escaped into the greater world, which would mean that he would have to go on a massive search for them. Luckily for Void Knight, one Sporix Egg remained behind and hatched into Shockhorn, who he recruited to find the rest of the Sporix Beast Eggs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

During the BuzzBlast presentation of J-Borg, Mucus hatched near the Pine Ridge Dam and attacked a random hiker who poked her egg with a stick. Having seen her hatch on a TV, the Dino Fury Rangers confronted her and were not exactly impressed with the monster having the same name as snot. When Mucus claimed she intended to destroy the city, they morphed and confronted her. She charged but was reduced to a big puddle of green goo by a single energized slash from Zayto's Chromafury Saber. Shockhorn then teleported down and fought against the Dino Fury Rangers and showcased his swordsmanship and speed. He initially had the upper hand against Zayto until he was slashed in the back by his Chromafury Saber and both Ollie and Amelia's blades locked onto his horn only to get thrown off. Even all three of them attacking at once was completely useless and the single hit that Zayto was able to land was avoided because Shockhorn zipped away in time. He shoved all three back but Zayto was able to stun him with the Stink Dino Key although he then called for the Hengemen as backup. Mucus reformed and appeared, liking how Shockhorn handled things but angered him when she called him horsey. Shockhorn attacked Mucus, only to stop when the latter swore loyalty to the Void Knight, causing the two to teleport back to him.

Mucus, Shockhorn, and Void Knight soon returned when they forced Dr. Lani Akana to use the knight's scanner alongside her drone to locate more Sporix Eggs. However, thanks to the Rangers distracting them, Akana sent the drone right down on him, destroying it alongside the scanner. Void Knight tried to get revenge on her but was cut off by the Rangers and had to retreat since he was outnumbered, Mucus was a poor fighter, and Shockhorn was nowhere to be seen. However, that was not the end of Shockhorn as he made his way into the city and claimed that no one will call him little anymore before growing giant-sized due to being active for too long. Ollie and Amelia swiftly arrived whilst Zayto went to the Dinohenge base with Amelia weighing him down with the Gravi Ball from the Gravi Dino Key, which succeeded in disabling Shockhorn's sword arm. Ollie then activated the Hyper Dino Key but he was swatted away as the monster got free and heated up his sword to destroy them. Zayto came with the T-Rex Champion Zord and blasted him down before forming the T-Rex Champion Zord Battle Mode. Shockhorn was overwhelmed by the Battle Mode's agility and attacked by its T-Rex Barrage and Tail Lash right before he got defeated by the T-Rex Champion Chomp, which sent him flying back through the air and exploding mid-flight. With his minion defeated, Void Knight retrieved the Sporix who had been reduced to his unhatched form once again (due to the Sporix becoming stronger after being defeated in their giant form). Void Knight, along with Mucus soon arrived at Area 62, an old abandoned facility that they could use as their base where he put Shockhorn's unhatched form in a machine, but soon realized that the machine required way more Sporix in order to be at full power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sporix Unleashed

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal

Boomtower Awakens

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Slyther Rises

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Lord Zedd Returns

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Wreckmate is Born and Destroying the Zords

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Tapping into the Morphin Grid

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The Birth of Void Queen

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Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Copycat


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  • The Sporix Beasts of the Void Family are possibly the only villains in Power Rangers history that can never truly be defeated. Whenever they're destroyed, they'll just go back into hibernation in their indestructible egg forms until they awaken again millions of years from now. However, they can be contained as Zayto and his team were able to do so during the prehistoric age to make sure they would be unable to awaken.
  • The Sporix being created to defend Rafkon but turning on their creators is similar to how the Druidon were initially created to protect the earth before going rogue.
  • Many have noticed that the Sporix Egg idea is similar to the Power Eggs idea from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "Big Sisters."
  • The Sporix Beasts are completely independent of Void Knight, but they seem willing to serve him. The most likely reason is because they think he can further their own goals.
  • The major members of the Void Family are all inspired by chess pieces, with Void Knight, Boomtower, and Slyther being based on a knight, rook, and bishop respectively.
  • Despite being a strong faction, they were not able to overcome Lord Zedd.


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