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The Vice Shoguns (フクショーグン Fuku Shōgun) are the second-highest-ranking members of the Space Shogunate Jark Matter, serving directly under the Shogun and answers only to him. Instead of a Kyodainro, each of them carry a golden dragon pad on the right shoulder that allows them to enlarge as well to shrink back to normal. They first appeared 300 years ago at the time of Jark Matter's creation, having battled Tsurugi Ohtori while feigning knowledge of him and were turned into cyborgs by Doctor Anton to prolong their lives.

When Don Armage decides to treat the Kyurangers as actual threat to himself, with his Vice Shoguns being killed, he offers open positions of Vice Shogun to the Karos who can destroy them. Ultimately, however, none succeeded.

Doctor Anton gathered the remains of the Fuku Shoguns and combines them to create the three-headed Akyachuga, which is sent to defend the core of Southern Cross against the Kyurangers only to be destroyed by the combined power of their Voyagers.

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