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"I am Venjix. Your world is now MY world, and your time is now over."
―Venjix claiming dominion over the Earth.

Venjix Computer Network

The Venjix Computer Network was a coalition of robots that were led by the Venjix Virus itself and served as the main antagonistic force of Power Rangers RPM.

Their goal is to exterminate all humans on Earth and conquer it to replace all organic life on Earth with machines.


Pre series

Four years before RPM, Doctor K, a captive (formerly a child) prodigy at the Alphabet Soup think tank, attempted to escape by releasing Venjix as a virus into the facility's system. However, the virus gained sentience somehow and she was found out before she could install firewalls to keep the virus from seeping out into the world with her kidnappers not believing her claims about the danger posed by the virus, and it began spreading like a wildfire. Within no time, it had control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. Venjix built armies of robotic soldiers called Grinders and robotic monster like machines known as Attack Bots who  laid waste to everything in Venjix's path and killed most of humanity. There was no stopping them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doctor K (episode)

However, Venjix did not kill all humans on Earth and sent many to work in his many factories across Earth building Grinders as a way to continuously keep his armies ready for combat without having to sacrifice his manpower. Being a smart villain, Venjix had some implanted and turned into unknowing sleeper agents to be sent into hostile cities to be controlled later on. They would enter as supposed refugees but destroy the city;'s defences when activated Tvicon.png TV STORY-Prisoners

Only the domed city of Corinth, was not under Venjix's control because Doctor K was able to create a team of Power Rangers to defend it by tapping into the so-called Biofield. This is where the few remaining humans fled. Venjix had three Generals, General Shifter, General Crunch and Kilobyte who were assigned to lead his force in destroying the humans. Venjix and its Generals counted down to the destruction.

Venjix eventually kidnapped a young brother and sister who spent some time in a factory where the virus forced humans into building Grinders through forced labor, which would later be used to make a doomsday machine in an attempt to destroy Corinth. Later, both of them ended up at Venjix's palace, where they were subjected to its attempts to give them cybernetic enhancements; Tenaya was given the identification number G78, while her brother was given D44. With Dillon's help, they almost managed to escape, but were recaptured and brought before Venjix. Tenaya was thrown into the pit where Venjix built its robots, despite Dillon's attempt to save her. Dillon's memories were stolen by the Sat Bot, and much of Tenaya's own were erased through the modification. As a result, neither of them ever remember their real names and the girl (who he named Tenaya 7) was brainwashed into thinking that she was a robot disguised as a human. The boy escaped, naming himself Dillon as he couldn't remember his real name, and made it into Corinth with the aid of a man named Ziggy Grover who would both later go on to become the Black and Green Ranger operators respectively. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Key to the Past

In the series

The first on-screen attempt to conquer Corinth was made by Venjix himself when he sent the Generation 5 Attack Bot and some Grinders into Corinth to completely destroy the temporarily disabled shield generator but it was stopped by the original three Rangers and disabled by the Road Blaster. Venjix then made it grow by beginning the download and sent in an army of Venjix Drones to aid it but the Rangers summon thier Zords which destroy the Drones and then finish off the monster in thier High Octane Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fade to Black

Later on, Venjix created the Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot to infiltrate Corinth through it's sewers and destroy the shield generator. It managed to get through and used some mist to disrupt the shield and allow a platoon of Grinders in which proved to be too much for the RPM Rangers until Dillon was given his Black Ranger Operator powers by Doctor K and easily overwhelmed the Grinders and monster who swiftly fled. Although he grew using sewage water and smashed a bridge, attacking the High Octane Megazord rampantly as it let cars across, he was easily finished off by the Super Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rain

General Shifter and General Crunch later unveil the Subterranean Plutonic Gopher Bot. They state that it will dig under the city's defences, but once inside it will still have to battle the Rangers. Venjix explains he plans to attack the Rangers from the inside. Tenaya later attacked Ziggy (who had been sent to retrieve the Green Ranger Morpher) but the fight eventually led to Ziggy himself morphing into the Green Ranger Operator which made it irreversibly bonded to his DNA. He overwhelmed her and later went into combat against the Gopher Bot with Dillon who he easily overwhelmed and managed to slay with the Turbo Plasma Launcher. Venjix began the download and the monster grew but he stood no chance against the High Octane Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Go For the Green

Venjix is unleashing another Generation 9 attack bot (this one called the Noz Attack Bot. )Venjix says since he has a new attack bot, it’s got to be out with the old. Either Tenaya or one of his generals will get the boot but since Tenaya failed her one and only mission, she’s the one. The Grinders surround Tenaya, but she says she’s learned one thing while pretending to be human, a “self-preservation instinct” and starts fighting them off. Venjix reconsiders. He orders Tenaya to find another way into the city. She later fought the Rangers and fled when all five arrived but left her hand on Ziggy which later managed to disable the shields around the city and allowed the Noz Bot to enter.

Once Noz bot entered the city, he encountered the defence forces but easily defeated the guards. Then the Rangers arrived. He battled Scott, Summer and Flynn who quickly defeated him with the Road Blaster. Venjix brought Noz back online and made him grow and sent Drones to held him defeat the rangers as, well. The Rangers tried to battle him with the High Octane Megazord, but they were quickly overwhelmed by the Drones. However, Dillon and Ziggy activated their Zords and destroyed the drones and the Attack Bot was taken out by the Super Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Handshake

Magnetron was created by Venjix himself and was sent to attack Corinth, destroy the Power Rangers and open the locks on the gates to the city with his magnetic powers. During his initial battle, he took away the Nitro Blasters from the Rangers and used them against the team but retreated after Ziggy retained enough of a grip on his to stab the Attack Bot. By the second confrontation, Ziggy had mastered his teleportation powers and threw down the Attack Bot who was swiftly taken down by the Road Blaster. Venjix made him grow and he managed to steal the Super Saber but Dillon and Ziggy arrived in thier Zords and blasted him down before the Tail Spinner combined with the High Octane Megazord to destroy him with a spin slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Green

Venjix created another Attack Bot called the Pump Attack Bot and assigned it the mission of just attacking Corinth with no real objective. He fought the Rangerss birefly but quickly retreated into an underground tunnel before later being sent with some Grinders to capture Scott before he could get the Flux Overthruster Core Reactor required for the Croc Carrier. The others quickly arrived and saved him before taking out the Grinders and taking down the Pump Attack Bot with the Road Blaster. Venjix grew the Pump Bot and summoned Drones but the reactor was installed and all three Zords were summoned by Ziggy and Dillon which destroyed the Drones before combining into the ValveMax Megazord which easily destroyed the Attack Bot. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Red

On the same day as Summer's wedding, the Boom Bot was sent to attack Corinth with some Grinders and overwhelmed the Rangers. The monster proved to be strong enough to keep all five Rangers on the ground but he was weakened by one of Summer's energy blast before the Road Blaster finished him. When enlarged, he was easily able to take down the High Octane Megazord until Ziggy and Dillon's Zord arrived an the Wolf Cruiser combined with the Megazord. Together, they were able to stop the monster's sonic blasts and destroy the monster with one charged up shot. It was later discovered by Doctor K that that he was just a distraction for Tenaya to use in order to steal the Landsdown Diamond as a focusing element for Venjix's bombardment cannons so that they would be strong enough to bring down the shield. The Rangers confronted Tenaya and revealed that the diamond was no longer in its case and she was forced to flee.

Later on, the Camera Attack Bot was created and accompanied Tenaya and some Grinders to The Garage where the wedding was taking place. When they managed to nab it, Tenaya gave it the Attack Bot who planned to use it to unleash his full power to destroy Corinth and was grown. However, the Rangers defeated the other villains and the High Octane and ValveMax Megazords used the sun to blind the Attack Bot before finishing it off with the Triple Strike and Super Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Yellow

A time later, the Drill Attack Bot was sent into the city with Tenaya and some Grinders with the mission to dig into one of the fault lines under Corinth in order to cause an earthquake strong enough to level the place. He was able to drill into the Earth where he grew giant using the lava. He fought and took down the ValveMax Megazord with his lava attacks although he was easily killed by the Super Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Blue

In a desperate move, Venjix created a mirror based Attack Bot which could easily duplicate any and all attacks the Megazords used against it. The Rangers deployed in their Megazords but the monster first duplicated the Super Saber and it's finishing move and then the Tail Spinner and Wolf Cruiser. The latter two took out the Valvemax Megazord before he changed into a stronger second form and took out the High Octane Megazord whilst it was charging in its finisher. However, it soon shut down and shrunk so it could be taken into captivity in the Garage. Unluckily for them, it was a ploy so that Venjix could locate the Rangers' base and send Tenaya to kill Doctor K in order to deprive the Rangers of a lot of future technology. He later deployed another version of the Reflects Attack Bot but the Rangers had fixed their energy problems and combined into the Zenith Megazord which easily destroyed the Attack Bot. Meanwhile, Tenaya tried to kill Doctor K but was seriously hurt by her violin music and forced to flee. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doctor K (episode)

Venjix eventually became more aggressive in his tactics and sent the Gat Bot into Corinth to annihilate the buildings and kill the citizens although he was no match for the RPM Enforcer and the Zenith Megazord. Shortly after the demise of that bot, the Broiler Bot was sent down to Earth but that was also quickly destroyed by the RPM Enforcer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Blitz

Eventually, Venjix sent the Sat Bot to Corinth to disrupt Corinth's Shield Energy, thus allowing other Attack Bots to enter the city. The Rangers confronted him but he revealed to Dillon that he could help him regain his memories and was easily overwhelmed. Eventually however, Dillon stopped caring about his past and overwhelmed the Sat Bot before they finished him with the RPM Enforcer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Key to the Past

The Lightning Bot was sent with Tenaya to attack the Rangers at the beach. After Tenaya 7 had placed a Mind Control Device on Dillon's neck, the Lightning Bot activated the chip. The Rangers realised that the only way to return the internal virus back to its original pace, was to get the circuit board from the Lightning Bot and used it to reverse the virus. The shields lowered and the Bot came into the city. Scott and Dillon took the bot down with their Wheel Blasters and the Zenith Megazord defeated the giant form of the Lighting Bot. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Brother's Keeper

The Oil Bot later went to Corinth to destroy it and took apart the Zenith Megazords but was easily destroyed by the ValvaMax and High Octane Megazords. After another defeat, Venjix is sick and tired of losing and vows to destroy the Rangers once and for all and generates another Attack Bot although this one is lifeless… Tenaya is very sceptical and wonders “What’s so special about this robot?” she asks. Venjix downloads itself into the Attack Bot so it can take care of the Rangers with his own two hands. Tenaya asks how he’s going to get to them, but Venjix says the Rangers will be coming to them. The Rangers, trying to discover more about DIllon's past, later did exactly that but were confronted by Venjix who overwhelmed them and de-mmorphed them. They fled into thier getaway vehicle but Venjix went after them in his own personal Venjix Drone so they were forced to bring out the Zords. Although thioer combined attacks took apart the Drone, more seperated from it (piloted by Grinders) and the Zords were too much. However, before he could finish them off, two unknown Zords arrived and destroyed his Drones, forcing Venjix to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Embodied

When the Rangers arrived in Omega City, where the Rangers hoped they would learn the most about Venjix, the Dyna Bot alerted Venjix to thier arrival and destroyed Project GO-ONGER with a bomb. Venjix and General Shifter quickly arrived and the three of them were more than enough to butcher the Rangers. However, before they could finally kill thier mortal enemies two new Rangers arrived and took them down. Shifter convinced Venjix to leave after he failed to defeat the two and he Dyna Bot was left behind but was easily finished off by the Skyshift Blazers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ghosts

Tenaya, Venjix, and General Shifter decided to suck out all of the oxygen in Corinth in order to force them to either open the dome or suffocate and they destroy an oxygen regeneration plant despite the Rangers' interference. With the dome having overhated from the lack of oxygen to cool off the generators, Venjix sends in the Vacuum Attack Bot to suck out all of the remaining oxygen but it is swiftly dispatched with the Triple Strike and Super Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In or Out

The Rangers raided the pioner camp outside of Corinth to rescue Venjix's human slaves which they succeed in doing despite interference from the Grinder and the Saw Attack Bot. They took it down with the Skyshift Blazers but Venjix made it grow so they summoned the Zenith Megazord which destroyed it with the help of the Tiger Jet and Falcon Chopper. However, Summer discovered later on that Venjix had been building a doomsday weapon inside of the factory that had been withdrawn before their incursion. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Prisoners

Whilst the Rangers planned to take out the Doomsday Weapon once and for all, Venjix revealed that he had created another Saw Bot and planned to unleash it on the Rangers despite Tenaya being against it. The Saw Bot and some Grinder arrived when the Rangers re-entered the factory but the weapon was able to escape the building during the battle. They obliterate the building and take down the Saw Bot with the SkyShift Blazers but Venjix was coming with an army of Venjix Drones which enter the city just as he makes the Saw Bot grow. Luckily, thanks to Gem getting the controller, Doctor K was able to hack into the doomsday machine and turn it into the Whale Zord which destroys the Drones (forcing Venjix to retreat) before they formed the Mach Megazord. They easily overwhelmed the Saw Bot and killed it with an energy arrow to the torso but they find a key to Dillon's locket within the rubble. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Belly of the Beast

Tenaya eventually invented a brand new massive energy gun (which she dubs the Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster) which she wished to practice with. She destroyed an army of Grinders and thus was granted permission for testing by Venjix in the hope that it could be powerful enough to destroy Corinth's dome. She went to the desert outside of Corinth accompanied by Venjix, Shifter, and the Generation 3 Textile Bot to do so and Gem and Gemma confront them although both are overwhelmed. They then morphed and formed the Mach Megazord which tried to fight the group but Tenaya shot it down with her Lightning Blaster. With the Megazord down, General Crunch made the Textile Bot grow and it nearly destroyed them but the VelveMax and High Octane Megazords arrived and interfered, However, the Megazords were easily overwhelmed and the over-eager Rangers retreat whilst the other five were pounded and tied up by the Bot. It electrocuted them to near oblivion but before it could finish them off, the Mach Megazord arrived and severed the rope. After some persuasion, the others agreed to combine and they formed the SkyRev Megazord. Venjix arrived in his jet but the Megazord's final attack destroyed both him and the Textile Bot although Venjix survived. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Three's a Crowd (RPM episode)

Later on, the Rangers encountered an Attack Bot whilst fighting Grinders in a city which overpowered them but it did not last long and was swiftly slain by Gem's Cloud Hatchet. After this failed attack, Shifter and Grinder work to upgrade Venjix into his Generation 13 body which they succeed in doing so in spite of the Rangers' interfering. He then grew giant and took down the SkyRev Megazord but was destroyed in a suicide attack when they fired their finisher whilst grabbing him at point blank range. Once again, the Virus itself survived by transferring itself back into its main console in the Venjix Palace. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Heroes Among Us

Later on, Venjix again breached the shield and this time sent in a Knight Bot to destroy the Megazords which he nearly succeeded in doing once he drained their energy and Flynn disabled their systems by trying to activate a new Zord. Luckily, Doctor K worked through the problem and they managed to kill it. Later, Shifter sent a Hammer Attack Bot into the city with the mission of smashing the shield generator but the Rangers confronted it and took it down with the Road Attack Zord which they then had to shut down when it turned against them. The Bot then grew but Doctor K managed to reprogram the Zord to be on their side and its Burnout (used by the SkyRev Megazord) killed the Attack Bot. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Not So Simple

After several apparent years of absence, General Kilobyte returned to even Venjix's sprise but was outright sexist towards Tenaya and thought of her as less sufficient due to her humanity. To try and prove Kilobyte wrong, Tenaya created a straw themed chemical bot who could project poisons from his mouth. The plan was to use the toxins to put the people of Corinth to sleep and then to invade the defenceless city. Tenaya 7 was ordered to take the bot into the city and attack, and they did. The Gold & Silver Rangers battled the Grinders, while the other Rangers took on the Chemical Bot. They managed to beat the bot and force him to retreat. However, during the battle, the bot dropped a red bottle of toxin. Later the Chemical Bot showed up at the Corinth Air Supply Systems. He placed a yellow chemical into the air supply machines which all the men in Corinth to fall asleep. The red chemical that he had lost, would have caused all the women to fall asleep as well. With only Summer, Gemma, Dr. K and Vasquez at City Command, the women of Corinth did not have much time. Summer laid out a plan, while Gemma made upgrades to the Road Attack Zord & Dr. K worked on an antidote.

When the Chemical Bot returned with Tenaya 7 & Grinders to invade and destroy the human population, Summer and Gemma showed up to fight them. They held them off for as long as they could, and then Summer ordered Vasquez to initiate Operation City Storm. The Chemical Bot tried to escape, but the Red Ranger caught up to him. Thanks to Dr. K finding an antidote, the male Rangers were able to rejoin the battle. So the Red Ranger used the Road Attack Zord in his Battle Mode to fight the Chemical Bot. With the Zord's Burnout Attack, the bot was out. Venjix made the Chemical Bot giant size and the Rangers, except for Red who was low on power, jumped to their Zords and finished him off with the Mach Megazord and Valvemax Megazord.

Later, General Shifter is walking inside Venjix' palace, when he hears whistling. General Shifter looks around. Tenaya 7 walks up to him and warns him that he better watch his back. General Shifter walks away. Tenaya 7 glares at him as she watches him to leave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Dome Dolls

Venjix came up with a plan to cover Corinth in lava and melt the city into nothing so Shifter and Kilobyte created the Series 2 Rotor Bot who they sent into a dormant volcano to make it erupt. The Rangers intercepted it and tried to destroy it with the RPM Enforcer but it withstood the attack and Venjix made it grow. It overwhelmed the Zords but was taken down by a new feral Zord although it managed to escape once it turned on the Rangers. It lateer returned as a giant and easily took out the Zords but Scott managed to tame the Paleomax and form the PaleoMax Megazord which destroyed the monster's drill with an energy chop and finished it off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History

The Betrayal

Sometime later, Shifter activated his new Hyper Bot which he hoped would impress Venjix but Tenaya reprograms it and it attacks Venjix. Convinced that this was an act of betrayal, Venjix forced Shifter and the Hyper Bot to flee whilst he began to actively plot his revenge against Venjix and the Rangers. Shortly after, Tenaya 7 finds Dillon alone, with the watch playing her favorite song. When Dillon plays the other song on the watch, memories start to come back to Tenaya, her human memories. Dillon tells Tenaya that she is his sister, but she doesn't want to believe it. The two start fighting and Dillon uses the spinning gears of his cuff against Tenaya's arm. The battle ends and Tenaya sees that the gear managed to cut through her suit, and cut her arm. But instead of mechanical parts, there's scratches and bleeding. Tenaya runs off leaving Dillon and returned to the Venjix Palace where Tenaya has her cut scanned. The computer informs her that her DNA matches that of Subject D44, and that she was subject G78. They were siblings!

Kilobyte then found her and told her that she was not long for this world so she fled and the main three Rangers found her. fire the Road Blaster but Dillon jumps in front of the blast to protect Tenaya. Tenaya's memories kick in again and discovers that the Sat Bot & Kilobyte were responsible for Dillon not being able to hang onto her. Kilobyte releases the new Heat Bot, and it grows huge but is quickly destroyed by the PaleoMax Megazord. Shifter's Hyper Bot then grows huge and Shifter has it attack the Megazords and then mysteriously retreat.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Key to the Past

The Rangers later learned that his first attack by the Hyper Bot was to sample wavelengths and matrix data of the Bio Field, so that when he returned, he could gain control of any of the Rangers' technologies. Shortly thereafter, Dillon and Tenaya had left for the desert and were forced to flee from some Grinders but he failed and they were was dragged back to the Venjix Palace. Meanwhile, Shifter sent his Hyper Bot to the city and the PaleoMax Megazord confronted it. However, Shifter quickly upgraded the bot's power with a key of his. The key not only made the Hyper Bot more powerful, but also allowed it to take control of the PaleoMax Megazord, forcing the Red Ranger out. The ValveMax & Mach Megazords soon arrived and tried to stop the now-evil PaleoMax and Hyper Bot, but they weren't strong enough. The Red Ranger rejoined the fight. He along with Blue & Yellow fought with the High Octane Megazord, but were still defeated. Luckily Tenaya came through with the Base Codes, and Dr. K was able to return the PaleoMax to normal. Dr. K then discovered the capabilities of all 12 Zords to combine together to form the RPM Ultrazord. Once they did so, the Hyper Bot was no match and the Ultrazord finished him off. In spite of this, Shifter was able to recover the powered up keys for future purposes and Kilobyte was able to re-capture and brainwash Tenaya into thinking that she was just a robot. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beyond a Doubt

After the newly reprogrammed Tenaya was unveiled, Shifter arrives in the city and enhances himself with the keys to turn into a super form and become massive. He easily overwhelmed the indivual Zords but was taken by by the Ultrazord. He survived but was cripplingly weakened so Scott arrived to finish him for good. A short sword and staff duel then ensued but the which ended with Shifter being destroyed by an energy slash from the Road Saber. Following this, Venjix created the Dumbbell Bot to attack the Rangers but it was easily destroyed by the Road Attack Zord and Mach Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Control-Alt-Delete


Sometime between "Ancient History" and "Beyond a Doubt" a new member of Venjix's forces called Professor Cog came to power as the newest threat to Corinth. He dueled Scott alone in the SkyRev Megazord but he cheated with a shield and went to Earth with an army of Grinders.

He met up with the current villain, Master Xandred, who promised him Sanzu River water if he could kill the new Samurai Ranger team and was given the help of Sergeant Tread to accomplish this. This was to be the prelude to an invasion of Moogers led by General Gut. Initially unbeknownst to him, Scott had followed him and saved the Rangers from his Grinders who were immune to thier Spin Swords. He confronted all seven at the docks and sent everyone except for Scott and Jayden who he brainwashed with his Hypno Bolts before going back to the Sansu River. Cog and Tread later accompanied Gut and his army to the quarry where they were able to view the two Rangers fighting one another. However, Mentor Ji had negated the effects and this was all a sham to get close to the army. A large battle ensued with the Moogers, Grinders, Tread, and Cog which ended with Jayden blasting Treads tires off with Scott's Nitro Blaster. Jayden and Scott then fought Professor Cog who sends Sergeant Tread to attack. After that, Jayden and Scott fight Professor Cog, easily overwhelming him with Shark Attack Mode and Super Samurai Mode, until the other Rangers returned. With help from the other Samurai Rangers, Scott and Jayden managed to destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread by energy slashing him with five of the Rangers whilst rapidly shooting him with Scott's Nitro Blaster and delivering an almighty double energy slash on the two of thier part. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie

Venjix's Endgame

Kilobyte scavenged what remained of General Shifter and took it back to Venjix's palace where he makes it into a new body. Venjix meets his new body that looks like Shifter but is black. Venjix uploads into it, rather quickly, with no explanation on how before Tenaya comes in and says this mission will be difficult and bows to him. To soften up the Rangers, Kilobyte attacks the Rangers but Ziggy is not present due to Fresno Bob having him captive so are overwhelmed until Doctor. K unveils the Rail Saber and they take him down. He grows just after Doctor K rescued Ziggy so they summoned all of the Zords which took a thrashing from Kilobyte and his new bazooka. Howerver, they quickly formed the Ultrazord and used the Road Attack Burnout to destroy his bazooka and kill him with the finisher. However, Kilobyte was able to survive. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Run Ziggy Run

Following Kilobyte's defeat,, Venjix goes to Corinth accompanied by Tenaya and the Generation 12 Energy Bot. They are shocked to see him, with Dillon horrified to see what had happened to Tenaya, and had to fight Venjix and his Attack Bot but were hopelessly overwhelmed, especially when the Attack Bot started t swllow and throw back thier energy blasts back at them. They were forced to retreat and Venjix's group withdrew, until the Attack Bot later attacked Dillon and Ziggy and sent back the Turbo Plasma Launcher's attack. Luckily, the othera arrived and took him out with the Road Blaster and SkyShuift Blazers but he was grown and took out the Mach and High Octane Megazord with a devastating energy blast. Luckily, Dillon and Ziiggy had recovered by then and Dioctor K reconfigured the Valmax Megazord's finishing attack to be a constant energy beam that was too much for the Energy Bot and it was destroyed.

However, shortly after, Venjix sent General Crunch and a chimera like Attack Bot into the city where they fought the Rangers to distract the Rangers whilst Tenaya snuk in and activated the Hybrids. She succeeds in doing so and the entire drone population rise up and start sabotaging the city, in readiness for Venjix's final attack. All of Corinth's soldiers were sleeper agents and pointed guns at General Truman, head of the armed forces in Corinth,Tvicon.png TV STORY-End Game (RPM)

Whilst the Rangers tried to stop the Hybrids, Doctor K tried to find an EMP to destroy the control chips without frying thier brains but Tenaya and some Grinders entered and captured her before Venjix arrived. He mocked her and stole data from his computers on Gem and Gemma as well as the Paleomax and Mach Megazords. Meanwhile, the Rangers had been fighting the Final Attack Boot which grew and overwhelmed them until they combined thier finishing attacks to destroy it. Venjix arrives and unleashes a devastating blast of energy from his mouth, deleting the scanned Megazords as well as Gem and Gemma although Venjix has to retreat to refuel as it took a lot of energy to do so.

Meanwhile, Doctor K and Ziggy had been left alone by Venjix's forces and managed to escape but Tenaya confronted them. After Dillon had finally de-brainwashed Tenaya, Kilobyte arrived and forced them to fight and easily overwhelmed them with his blaster. In spite of his new flawless victory, his tendancy to gloat was his undoing since the main three Rangers arrived and killed him for good with the Rail Blaster.

Later on, the Rangers attack one of Venjix's factories when Venjix himself arrives and forces the Rangers to retreat to Corinth where he attacks the Control Tower and orders General Crunch to stand guard to prevent any interference. The plan was to lower thew shields and destroy the console so that Venjix Drones could come in and level the city. He then confronts Flynn, Scott, and Summer and tries to delete them but gets his Grinders instead and so has to fight them. He easily takes them down and tries to delete them but is blasted as Gem and Gemma return in the Tiger Jet and Falcon Chopper since the deletion had sent them into the BIofield and not the afterlife. The two were able to shoot down the Control Tower, dropping it onto Venjix and destroying both him and General Crunch simultaneously as the latter was still in the Tower. With this, the world was saved and the Venjix Virus supposedly ended for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Danger and Destiny


In the years following the Venjix takeover, all factories were destroyed and the last pockets of Venjix resistance were snuffed out by the military. In the wake of the elimination of Venjix's forces, Earth became a utopia beyond even modern technology. However, at least one group of Grinders remained and were able to recreate Professor Cog after his destruction. Since the threat didn't return after his second defeat, it is likely that the Grinders who accompanied Cog in his attack during Super Megaforce were the last of Venjix's forces.

Super Megaforce

Three years after "Clash", Professor Cog returned with a platoon of Grinders with the plan to send the Mega Rangers into the RPM Dimension and take over in their absence. However, he came into conflict with Prince Vekar and his Armada which led to a massive battle between the two forces which ended with the Rangers returning thanks to help from the Turbo Falcon Zord. The two sides call a truce to destroy the Rangers so Cog now fights with both Grinders and X Borgs but they were defeated and he was taken down by the Legendary RPM Mode special attacks. They then tried to destroy him with the Super Mega Cannon but he resisted it and grew so they summoned the Legendary Megazord which he overwhelmed with a barrage of cannonballs. However, they summoned the Turbo Falcon which was too much for him and they formed the Legendary RPM Megazord which destroyed Professor Cog once and for all with the Legendary RPM Grand Prix. With Cog eliminated, this seemed to be the permanent end of the Venjix Virus' influence but they were wrong. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In the Driver's Seat

Beast Morphers

Contrary to what everyone else believed, Venjix had copied himself into the Cell Shift Morphers when he took the data for the Megazords so a version of him still existed. Years later, the Morphers made their way to a fledgling Grid Battleforce where Nate Silva accidentally released Venjix whilst experimenting with the Morphin Grid. Venjix managed to escape the Morphers after being hooked up to Grid Battleforce's main systems and infused with snake DNA. The DNA caused him to take on a snake like form so he adopted a new identity called Evox and desired to take over the Morphin Grid to render the Rangers powerless and take over the world without opposition. To this end, he founded a new group of villains collectively called Evox's Virus which effectively makes them a spinoff of this army. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Source Code

The final remnants of this villain group were destroyed once and for all when Venjix/Evox was destroyed for good by the Beast-X King Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Unleashed



  • This is the only villains to technically achieve their goals since they had exterminated all of humanity except for no more than a few thousand people in Corinth.
  • This is the only enemy army that directly spun off into another, in this case the Evox Virus Army.
    • This does not count the Mutants/Mut-Orgs seeing as that was both a villainous species and not a group and the Mut-Orgs were operating independently of the main army whereas Evox's Army is the same leader with different members and a similar goal.

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