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""I am Venjix. Your world is now MY world, and your time is now over.""


Venjix Computer Network

Venjix is a multi-use term in RPM canon, all essentially referring to one thing. It refers to the virus, the network (of villains) and the sentient entity.

The Venjix Computer Network refers to a computer virus that eventually became a sentient entity that subdued most of Earth sometime in the future. It also refers to his entire Network which includes his own programs and creations.

Venjix, the entity

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Four years before RPM, Doctor K, a captive phenom at the Alphabet Soup research facility, attempted to escape by releasing Venjix as a virus into the facility's system. However, she was found out before she could install firewalls to keep the virus from seeping out into the world, and it began spreading like a wildfire. Within no time, it had control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. Venjix built armies of robotic soldiers called Grinders. These machines laid waste to everything in Venjix's path. There was no stopping them. Venjix would declare victory: "Your world is now my world and your time is now over."

Only the domed city of Corinth, was not under Venjix's control, and this is where the remaining humans fled. Venjix also had three Generals, General Shifter, General Crunch and Kilobyte. They looked forward to destroying the humans. Venjix and its Generals counted down to the destruction. After several failures, and the creation of a new general through dubious means, Tenaya 7, it decided to manifest itself in its own personal mobile form to deal with the humans itself.

Super Megaforce

Six years after the destruction of Dennis, Professor Cog (having survived his encounter with the Rangers three years earlier) had assumed the role of the leader of the Venjix network with every Grinder lspistening to him. He planned to vanquish the Super Mega Rangers to the RPM world and conquer Earth but they returned and soon destroyed him with the Legendary RPM Megazord With the death of the good professor, the threats posed by Venjix and his network were over for good.


Attack Bots

The Attack Bots are the monsters of RPM, the servants of Venjix. They are separated into various generations when naming said AttackBot. They have different vocal capabilities and most times have none at all.


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