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The Vader Monsters (ベーダー怪物 Bēdā Kaibutsu?) are creatures created by the Vader Clan from eggs kept within a storing facility in Vader Castle. The eggs all possess potential which are determined worthy by Queen Hedrian and General Hedrer before being placed in a machine which brings them to life. If there is a specific attribute that the Vader Clan desires, Hedrian uses her magic to allow for a certain Vader Monster to emerge when placed in the machine.Ep. 7: The Great Tragedy of Planet Denzi Although most Vader Monsters are created directly by the Vader Clan, some hatch like normal eggs where they grow on their own due to an action.Ep. 1: Take the Express to the Super FortressEp. 34: The Sad Orphan's Tale

The Vader Monsters all possess a "split body" appearance, making them appear like they are two separate bodies fused into one. They also all posses a specific "belt" with a number on it; this number identifies their order released as a Vader Monster starting with "00" for the first, Musasabilar, and moving forwards from there. Likewise all Vader Monsters have a specific "ability" to control the size of their bodies, allowing them to grow into giants or, in a few cases, shrink into a tiny size to allow them to cause mischief and chaos in their smaller form as it benefits them.Ep. 8: The Skeleton Town's Great Demon King When a Vader Monster is killed, primarily by Denziman, Queen Hedrian traditionally takes their decapitated head and places them on a mantle as a trophy in honor of their accomplishments for their duty.Ep. 2: The Man-Eating Soap Bubbles

Although not a "traditional" Vader Monster, the Banriki Monster is born through similar methods even though its alliance and means are completely alongside its master: the Demon King Banriki.Ep. 49: The Great Disaster in Vader Castle

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