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The United Alliance of Evil was an organization led by Dark Specter, Monarch of Evil, and at the end of Power Rangers in Space by his successor Astronema. This was the overarching main antagonistic faction of the Zordon Era.

Its name was mentioned only in passing in the Power Rangers Zeo's opening episode "A Zeo Beginning" when Zordon mentioned that the Machine Empire had broken away from it. However, it has been adopted by fans as a description for the forces amassed by Dark Specter in Power Rangers in Space even though the name was not officially used by the group or even in the season itself.


Dark Specter

Evil Space Aliens


Master Vile

Machine Empire


Divatox's Crew



Psycho Rangers


Darkonda's Monsters

Remnants of the United Alliance of Evil

Psycho Rangers

Machine Empire Generals


The United Alliance of Evil consists of these leaders and all their respective foot soldiers and monsters. The Machine Empire supposedly left the UAE during Power Rangers: Zeo during their attack on Earth, but later rejoined. United Alliance of Evil forces first came into play during the attack on Eltar, Zordon's home planet. They captured Zordon, and resigned Alpha 5 and Dimitria to an unknown fate.

Dark Specter planned to absorb Zordon's power, but constantly had to hide him from the searching Phantom Ranger and Space Rangers. After various attempts to destroy them, Specter was destroyed by a weapon the United Alliance of Evil had created to use on Earth, after Darkonda's betrayal.

Following Dark Specter's demise, Astronema took control of the organization. The various factions had at the time launched their attacks: Rita and Zedd attacking a planet in the Vica Galaxy and capturing Trey of Triforia; the Machine Empire and General Havoc attacking the Phantom Ranger's home world and subduing both him and the Blue Senturion; and Divatox attacking Gratha and overwhelming the Aquatian Rangers. Astronema personally led the attack on Earth, in the events shown in the episode Countdown to Destruction.

However, the United Alliance of Evil was defeated when Andros, the Red Space Ranger, shattered Zordon's containment tank. Zordon's life force washed over the galaxy, destroying the monsters, foot soldiers, and most of the villains. It also turned Rita, Zedd, and Divatox into pure, ordinary humans. Astronema is also restored to her normal form of Karone.


The United Alliance of Evil was destroyed for the most part, but some remnants still clung. Among these were the UAE created Psycho Rangers and the last Generals of the Machine Empire, as well as the most powerful zord Serpentera. For some reason, the new villain group who are part of Scorpius' army, such as his daughter Trakeena somehow have a knowledge of what happened to this organization, as evident when they manage to expose Karone from her Astronema disguise. It's possible that they and their army were once part of the Alliance but left sometime after due to unknown circumstances.

Thrax, son of Rita and Zedd made an appearance in the Operation Overdrive team-up special called "Once a Ranger" where he was destroyed by Sentinel Knight. Zedd also makes an appearance in Power Rangers: Super Legends.

Goldar was resurrected by Evox twenty two years later to steal and harness the Morphin Grid energies for his new boss in every Ranger Dimensions. Zedd and Astronema were originally intend to be revived by Evox, but was debunked due to backfired reasons.

Finally, Lord Zedd is resurrected by Reaghoul in Power Rangers Dino Fury. Zedd escapes from the Rangers to retrieve his staff and conquer the universe for himself now his former rivals are dead or purified.


  • As the UAE was originally meant to attack in 2000, its entirely possible that Scorpius's army and the Demons were meant to be members. Considering Dark Specter's immense power, even keeping Queen Bansheera in line would be easy.
  • The only known teams of Power Rangers that have not fought the UAE or UAE related are the Jungle Fury, RPM, Samurai, Megaforce, and Ninja Steel Rangers (Forever Red in Wild Force regrouped ten Red Rangers from each present team to battle the remnants of the Machine Empire and Once a Ranger in Operation Overdrive gathered together and the Overdrive Rangers with five Veteran Rangers to defeat Thrax. The Legendary Dino Rangers which consists of Mighty Morphing, Dino Thunder, Dino Charge and Beast Morphers united together to defeat the revived Goldar.
  • It is unknown how Thrax, Scorpius, Trakeena, or the Machine Empire Generals survived Zordon's energy wave.
    • It's also possible that Thrax was trapped in his Space Dumpster at the time and thus spared from the effects of the wave whilst the others were too far away to be hit by it.
      • Additionally, future groups like the Demons and Orgs
  • Curiously, Lord Zedd stated that the Universal Morphin Grid was only stable if the struggle between Zordon and himself continued. However, there are greater evils than Lord Zedd in the universe, Dark Specter being a prime example.
    • Also, when Zedd was purified at the end of Countdown to Destruction, the Universal Morphing Grid was still active and remained stable. (Although Zedd's egotistical nature may lead him to state that HE is the ultimate evil in the universe)
  • Being members of the Machine Empire, it is unknown what happened to Archerina and Prince Gasket when Zordon's energy wave washed over or if they were even close enough to be hit by it at the time.
    • It is also unknown what the fate of Master Vile, Rito Revolto, Finster and Scorpina. However, it is believed they were either purified like Rita and Zedd or destroyed and reduced to dust.
  • In Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Prince Olympius reveals a piece of rock that holds great powerful evil energy that resembles Dark Specter's hide. It could be possible that he had obtained it long after the UAE's defeat to the Space Rangers.
  • Astronema, an antagonist to the Space Rangers and one of the leaders of the UAE, later became the Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger to replace the former Ranger, Kendrix.
  • There is a possibility that Scorpius and Trakeena were also former members of the United Alliance of Evil since Trakeena knew who Astronema was and even knew that Astronema's real name was Karone.
    • It is also possible that she just knew about Astronema because of the group's size and thus became famous and she knew of Karone's restoration because it was common knowledge post-Countdown.
      • The latter point is supported by the fact that Robo-Blaze knew of her turn to good in spite of being created twenty years later.


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