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This article is about a/an Zord classification in the Power Rangers franchise.
An Ultrazord is a combination of all or nearly all the existing Zords a Ranger team possesses. They were used in every season up to Power Rangers: Zeo, and were not used again until 7 years later in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. After this, they were not seen for another 4 years in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. They differ from the Ultra Zords used by the Mega Rangers.

It is combination of a Megazord (or said Megazord's components) with a Carrierzord or another Megazord for battle purposes rather than transportation; has greater size and firepower than its components alone.

The very first Ultrazord is simply called Ultrazord. It is now referred to by fans as the Dino Ultrazord, Classic Ultrazord or Original Ultrazord to differentiate from the other formations that follow, bearing the Ultrazord name.

These Ultrazords can be formed:

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