This article is about a/an list of monsters in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

The monsters of Turbo were used by Divatox. To make a monster grow, Divatox would give orders to launch special torpedoes at the monster. These torpedoes when hitting the monster upon impact would make them grow. Some of the monsters' face would turn red and blew smoke out of their mouths when enlarged.

Divatox’s Monsters

Porto’s Monsters

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  • Out of all of the Carranger monsters, there were just 6 monsters that went unused in Power Rangers Turbo. In order of appearance;
    • RR Rii wasn't used in the show because most of his footage involved Yoshio (a blatantly Japanese man).
      • However, he was adapted as a toy figure dubbed Hammeron in the toyline.
    • JJ Jetton wasn't used because he very likely would have been perceived as a negative African-American stereotype as he resembles someone in blackface.
    • Space Cockroach Goki-chan was originally going to be adapted as the Rockin’ Roach but his episode was scrapped when Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen left due to burnout and a new writing staff (led by new head writer Judd Lynn) scrapped the two’s plans in favor of their own.
      • Goki-chan was also the only Carranger monster that was unused for reasons other than their design or footage problems.
    • DD Donmo wasn't used because his main way of summoning his weapons was via missiles which are taboo in America.
      • Ironically, he was the first use of the Turbine Laser with Mad Mike being the second but this was changed to Mad Mike being the first use when he wasn’t adapted.
    • VV Gorin wasn't used because was much of the footage involving unmorphed Blue Racer and Naoki.
    • SS Sutatanzo wasn't used due to there never being a team-up between the Zeo and Turbo Rangers since both had the same cast (and the Zeo cast bowed out partway through and not wishing to return).
  • Delisha Ennivel was originally a male in Carranger but was changed to female due to his extremely feminine design.

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