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The main villains of [[Power Rangers SPD]], the '''Troobian Empire''' is a galactic empire and warlike army in the service of [[Emperor Gruumm]]. Gruumm's forces travel in the [[Terror Spacecraft]] that they use to travel throughout outer space in its journey to conquer and destroy planets. Inside, everything is green, dank, and skeletal.
'''Omni''' is secretly the power behind the throne and de facto leader of the Troobians. Also known as the '''Magnificence'''.
===[[Emperor Gruumm]]===
'''Emperor Gruumm''' is a figurehead who serves as the de jure leader of the Troobians, but he is a servant of an even greater menace, Omni.
'''Mora''' is the young girl who creates monsters for Emperor Gruumm via her drawings. She possesses a creepy doll named Cindy Sunshine, which she can control remotely. Her adult form, '''Morgana''', retains the monster creation ability and gains the ability to don Ranger-like armor and fight against the Rangers, primarily [[Elizabeth Delgado]].
Foot soldiers who come in mass-produced silver versions, smarter [[Blue-Head Krybots|blue versions]], and powerful [[Orange-Head Krybots|orange versions]]. They wield bladed weapons and arm-mounted blasters. They are created by [[Broodwing]] and purchased by anyone, and have as such been used by many independent criminals as well.
Emperor Gruumm has often pitted monsters against the [[SPD]] rangers. These monsters are either intergalactic criminals and mercenaries hired by Gruumm, or creations by Mora.
*[[General Benaag]]
*[[General Valko]]
*[[One Eye]]
===What is a Troobian?===
The name "Troobian" has been used inconsistently, leading to the question of exactly what it refers to. The -ian suffix suggests that it should refer to a species or those hailing from a given planet, but no such species or planet has ever been identified. (Even Gruumm himself is referred to as the leader of the Troobian Empire, but not as a Troobian in the way that [[Anubis Cruger|Doggie Cruger]] is a Sirian.) The official word from [[Bruce Kalish]] is that it refers to Gruumm's empire, and anyone and anything Gruumm-allied is to be considered Troobian, and this is consistent with early uses of the term, but several mid-season episodes contain instances of Gruumm-allied and non-Gruumm-allied villains-of-the-week referring to their Krybots as Troobians.

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