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The Troobian Empire was the main antagonistic force of Power Rangers S.P.D.. They were a galactic empire and warlike army whose ultimate goal was to gather resources from planets they conquered and destroyed to build a body for their leader Omni The Magnificence, who while he was working behind-the-scenes, appointed Emperor Gruumm as the empire's figurehead and de-jure leader.



The exact origins of the Troobian Empire are never actually explained with the most known about it being that Omni was the founder. Emperor Gruumm is seemingly the absolute ruler but only serves as the figurehead with Omni being the puppet-master. Omni (usually referred to as just The Magnificence) sends Gruumm on an intergalactic mission to conquer various planets across the universe and strip them of their resources to build him a massive body.


These are typically regular members of the Troobian Empire brought in by him.

These are typically drawings that she brought to life to serve Gruumm but could also just be criminals that she recruited, blackmailed, or threatened for her schemes.

All of which were "bought" (more often than that forcibly taken) from Broodwing.

What is a Troobian?

The name and term "Troobian" has been used inconsistently leading to the question of exactly what it refers to. The -ian suffix suggests that it should refer to a species or those hailing from a given planet, but no such species or planet has ever been identified. (Even Gruumm himself is referred to as the leader of the Troobian Empire, but not as a Troobian in the way that Doggie Cruger is a Sirian.) The official word from Bruce Kalish is that it refers to Gruumm's empire, and anyone and anything Gruumm-allied is to be considered Troobian, and this is consistent with early uses of the term, but several mid-season episodes contain instances of Gruumm-allied and non-Gruumm-allied villains-of-the-week referring to their Krybots as Troobians.


  • All of the monsters in Dekaranger were all originally separate monsters with no connection beyond making deals with the series' main antagonist Agent Abrella (Broodwing's counterpart who was the actual main antagonist of that show).
    • This was presumably changed to create the Troobian Empire as to not make the plot-line overly complicated and give a proper final main antagonist (in the form of Omni or The Magnificence) for the Rangers to defeat.
  • Out of all of the Dekaranger monsters, there were just five monsters that went unused in S.P.D.. In order of appearance;
  • The Troobian Empire is briefly mentioned in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always where Adam Park and Aisha Campbell are currently investigating the organization. As the special is set two years before Power Rangers S.P.D., this is likely during the time the Empire was growing in power.

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