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"It's the greatest gift of all. Us Mutants have joined forces with aliens and together we will finally take over the world!"

The Toxic Mutants were a species created from toxic sludge and concentrated pollution. After being isolated and secluded from humankind for a very long time, they come to join forces with the Insectoids to topple humanity and eliminate mankind's main defenders, the Mega Rangers, in order to collectively conquer the Earth and ensure their own survival. They rank at an intermediate level among the three villainous factions at Power Rangers Megaforce, being stronger than the Insectoids, save Admiral Malkor, but less so than the Robots.


The Toxic Mutants were created from pollution and their objective is to poison the Earth to make it more livable for them. Admiral Malkor spots them on Earth after Creepox is defeated. He sends Vrak to form an alliance with them, which they accept. Robo Knight (episode)

Normal 8-104

Bigs and Bluefur

From this point on, the Toxic Mutants take the lead in the war against humanity, imposing a new series of challenges to the Mega Rangers and prove to be stronger than their forerunners.

However, due to the untimely appearance of Robo Knight, his eventual alliance with the Rangers and their acquirement of the Wild Sword, which enables them to achieve their Ultra Mode state, they prove to fare no better against the Power Rangers than the Insectoids that preceeded them, even with the usage of almighty weapons, such as the legendary Wild Sword and the royal Aurora Box.

Eventually, after the five initial onslaughts against humankind all end up in defeat, Vrak lends the Aurora Box to them and they test it on Dream Snatcher, only for him to fail due to his greed. Dream Snatcher (episode)

Nevertheless, Bigs and Bluefur are impressed with its power and decide to use it once more, this time on themselves.

With their power enhanced a hundred times, the Toxic Mutants become strong enough to match and outclass even the Ultra Mode, but they are ultimately outmatched themselves by their foes' unbreakable fighting spirit and by the gain of a new ally, the Gosei Ultimate Megazord. In its Command Ship state, it destroys the Aurora Box shortly after the Rangers slay Bigs and goes to fight and defeat Bluefur, ending the threat of their kind to the Earth once and for all.


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