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"The Victorious Imagination! Ressha Sentai ToQger!"
―ToQgers announcing their arrival[src]

"Departing Full Speed Ahead!"
―Pre-fight catchphrase[src]

Ressha Sentai ToQger (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー) are the 38th Super Sentai team that protected the Earth from the Shadow Line. They are a group of childhood friends that suffered from amnesia and are trying to find their way home.

Team Members

All seven ToQgers

ToQ 1gou Right Suzuki
ToQ 2gou Haru "Tokatti" Tokashiki
ToQ 3gou Mio Natsume
ToQ 4gou Hikari Nonomura
ToQ 5gou Kagura Izumi
ToQ 6gou TicketAkira Nijino ►◄ Z
ToQ 7gou Conductor


Yami No 0gou Unknown

Team History

Past and membership

The ToQgers started as five juvenile residents of the town of Subarugahama, where they often played at their sacred tree. One night during the Subarugahama Festival, Emperor of Darkness Zs darkness as well as the Shadow Lines invaded Subarugahama, their home, four of them were spirited by the Rainbow Line light while Right was consumed by the darkness. The remaining four were turned into young adults/teenagers by the Rainbow Line President, and hired as ToQgers, rescuing cities that were invaded by the Shadow Line.

Right at the same time was turned into an young adult, but ended up in Bag Shadow's Kuliner where he slept all while other children hostages were crying for their darkness. While the ToQgers were rescuing the passengers, they reunited with Right, whom was joined into the team as ToQ 1gou. He even (accidentally) unlocked one of their functions, the Transfer Changes which would come in handy during future battles.

After the introduction to the AppliChanger, the item was given to Zaram, former Shadow Line member whom currently goes by the name Akira Nijino.

Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters

As Neo-Geildon becomes Neo-Messiah, the ToQgers arrive to fight him. Here, ToQ 1gou purposely take the battle on his own before calling the other members to perform their finishers.

ToQger vs Kamen Rider Gaim

The Rainbow Line arrive in Zawame CityIcon-crosswiki.png and helped the Armored Riders to fight Badan Empire, despite the enemy not being from the Shadow Line.

Kamen Rider Taisen

The team would fight The Generalissimo of Badan, along with Kyoryu Red and Kamen Rider Den-O.

ToQger VS. Kyoryuger

ToQger Child Team

When the creator of Deboth Army that their predecessors fought, Devius rises and allied with the Shadow Line, they are faced the fact that they can't harm the Deboth's minions and faced the reduction of age by the Shadow Kaijin Clock Shadow. But, despite that, they, for the first time, get to transform in their true, child forms, while still can fight.

Subarugahama rescue operation and final battle

When the ToQgers learned that Right's body is somehow emitted darkness, they tied him and later received help from Miss Gritta to free their town. After the Castle Terminal was relocated out of Subarugahama with the town was purified by Gritta's assistance, Right revealed himself as he had escaped and assist the ToQgers in battle but once fighting against Z, his darkness power fully manifested into ToQ 1gou of Darkness. Knowing that he has no potential to return to his old life as a child, Right tricks his fellow ToQger members into giving their Rainbow Passes to prevent their interference in Right and Akira's raid into Castle Terminal, as well as to ensure their safety by turning them into children and left them in their normal lives without Right's existence.

Unknown to Right, Akira and Wagon had planned to make them remember their older selves with previous photos of them and Right placed on their tree base as a safety precaution and backup plans. Right and Akira attempted an attack on Castle Terminal but once ToQ 1gou is defeated, Z-Shin has Castle Terminal transform into a monster that blankets the entire city and Subarugahama in darkness before Emperor Z leaves a powerless Right to waste away in the dark.

Thanks to the photos, the other ToQgers reuse it as their new Rainbow Passes and managed to rescue Right from despair in the darkness. Along with the ToQgers, they defeated the remaining Shadow Line armies, and seemingly defeated Z before Gritta spirited him with a Kuliner. The five core ToQgers seemingly trapped in their adult forms but their families were able to remember them due to their Imaginations and finally returned to their child forms. Akira and the other Rainbow Line departs, while the children continue their regular lives.

Meeting the Ninningers

to be added Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger The Movie: Ninjas in Wonderland


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The Space Pirates Return

DSZ Gai and Tokkyugers.png

ToQgers met Gai Ikari who was asking them to lend their Ranger Key powers in which they eventually accepted.

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

The 38 Reds appear before the Ninningers and Zyuohgers.

ToQ 1gou appeared as part of a conference of the first 38 Reds whom addressed the Ninningers and Zyuohgers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai

Chou Super Hero Taisen

Iterations of the Ressha Sentai ToQger existed within the Game WorldIcon-crosswiki.png among a countless complement of recreated Sentai and Rider characters; ToQ 2gou participated in the Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png tournament as part of Team ResurrectionIcon-crosswiki.png while ToQ 5gou was passed over for Team Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki.png, Hyper ToQ 1gou would later be summoned as part of a team of the strongest Red heroes by Kamen Rider BraveIcon-crosswiki.png to assist in the Chou Shocker TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

10 Years After

The kid ToQgers essentially treated their graduation from elementary school as their graduation from being ToQgers, as soon afterwards they lost their Imagination and ability to transform or even see the Rainbow Line or its staff. Akira Nijino, the only remaining ToQger of the six to defeat Emperor of Darkness Z, promised to watch over them until they regained that ability; he kept this promise despite the ToQgers being unable to see him. Anticipating this, the Rainbow Line had created a purple AppliChanger and Ressha, given both to the Conductor, and promoted him to both Captain of the Rainbow Line Police and ToQ 7gou. For the next ten years, he and Akira would remain the only active ToQgers.

The five core members would only regain their powers ten years later (by which point they had grown into the adult bodies that they had used as children) upon being sent back in time by Glitta to that same graduation day. Their kid selves reminded each of them that Imagination was something that they could cherish and profit from even as adults. This new form of Imagination proved enough for them to use the children's Resshas to transform. Upon returning to their own time, they regained the ability to use their own Resshas to transform, along with the ability to see both Akira and the Conductor - bringing the total number of ToQgers to seven at last.


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Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Main article: Mecha (ToQger)

Ressha System

Legend: piloted mecha, 2-person mecha, auxiliary mecha


Legend Sentai Devices

All ToQger Ranger Keys

Mobilates'/Gokai Cellular's Gokai Change[src]

The Ressha Sentai ToQger Ranger Keys (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー Ressha Sentai Tokkyūjā): These keys were released in the Bandai Rainbow Edition. Unfortunately, these keys won't make any sounds when used in the Mobilates.

  • ToQ 1gou Key (トッキュウ1号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Ichi-gō Renjā Kī)
  • ToQ 2gou Key (トッキュウ2号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Ni-gō Renjā Kī)
  • ToQ 3gou Key (トッキュウ3号レンジャーキー Tokkyū San-gō RenjāKī)
  • ToQ 4gou Key (トッキュウ4号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Yon-gō RenjāKī)
  • ToQ 5gou Key (トッキュウ5号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Go-gō Renjā Kī)
  • ToQ 6gou Key (トッキュウ6号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Roku-gō Renjā Kī)
  • ToQ 7gou Key (トッキュウ7号レンジャーキー Tokkyū Nana-gō Renjā Kī)


ToQgerSoul (Knight Mode)

The ToQgerSoul (トッキュウジャーソウル TokkyūjāSōru) as yet only exists as an unused sound in the Ryusoulgers' Ryusoul Ken.[1][2]

ToQger Gear

ToQger Gear (Kikai Side)

ToQger Gear (トッキュウジャーギア Tokkyūjā Gia) - The Sentai Gear associated with the ToQger. It activates a train-like linked attack..

The Gokaigers as the ToQgers as seen in Super Hero Getter 2016.

Gokaiger/ToQger Gokai Change

ToQ 1gou Captain Marvelous
ToQ 2gou Joe Gibken
ToQ 3gou Luka Millfy
ToQ 4gou Don Dogoier
ToQ 5gou Ahim de Famille
ToQ 6gou Gai Ikari
ToQ 7gou Miscellaneous

When the Gokaigers returned to Earth for the Great King's Credential, Gai Ikari acquired the Ranger Keys of the ToQgers among other Sentai for his teammates' use. In a confrontation with their Zyuohger counterparts, Gokai Green became ToQ 4gou, Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 28: The Space Pirates Return whose power he used to fight Zyuoh Elephant. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 29: The Monarch of the Monarchs

Video game appearances

Super Sentai Legend Wars

ToQger as seen in Super Sentai Legend Wars.

ToQger is among all the Sentai teams which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Legend Wars.


  • The name of each member is a pun related to trains.
  • They are the first Sentai team to have a train motif.
  • They are the first Sentai team to have all of its main 5 core members be children, although for most of the series they are stuck in their adult appearance.
  • This is the first team post-Jetmen to not have a Power Rangers counterpart. Initially, until the announcement of Beast Morphers, Go-Busters held this distinction.
  • They are the first team whose formation does not have the Rangers stand side-by-side, instead having each Ranger stand behind one another.
  • ToQger is currently the last Sentai team in which the main Rangers have their own individual weapons.



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