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The Thunder Rangers are a duo (Crimson and Navy) of Ninja Power Rangers originating from the Thunder Ninja Academy. They were, at first, convinced by Lothor that the Wind Rangers were the enemy. However, when they learned the truth, they joined with the Wind Rangers and Green Samurai Ranger as the Ninja Rangers.


Color Role Actor
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley Adam Tuominen
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley Jorgito Vargas Jr.

Team History

Hunter and Blake were trained and raised by Sensei Omino at the Thunder Ninja academy. They were young boys whose adoptive parents were murdered. They were captured by Lothor and Lothor lied to Blake and Hunter about their parents' deaths in order to gain their allegiance. The Thunder Ninjas soon believed the Wind Ninjas are responsible for their adoptive parents' death. The brothers worked in conjunction with Lothor in order to destroy the Wind Rangers and their sensei whom they believed to be their parents' murderer. Before they were about to destroy Sensei Watanabe, their parents appeared in the Cavern of Lost Ninjas and told the brothers the truth about their deaths and who was truly responsible. After realizing the truth, the brothers departed in order to clear their heads and seek revenge on Lothor. Unfortunately, the feat proved to be too much for the two Thunder Ninjas alone and after falling into a trap set up by Choobo. The Thunder Ninjas believed the Wind Rangers were their enemies once again. Tori, Dustin, and Shane manage to help break the grip Choobo has on the Thunder Rangers and finally, the brothers realize that they must team up with the Wind Rangers in order to form a stronger team to defeat Lothor's forces.

Dino Thunder

Legacy of Power

The Thunder Rangers were featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legacy of Power

Super Megaforce

The Thunder Rangers returned with their fellow Ninja Rangers as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

The Thunder Rangers are not present in the crowd of Legendary Rangers used for original footage in Legendary Battle. They do, however, appear in the Sentai footage due to their counterparts indeed fighting in the Legend War.


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Legendary Ranger Keys

Super Megaforce/Thunder Rangers Legendary Ranger Mode

Crimson Thunder Ranger Jake Holling
Navy Thunder Ranger Emma Goodall (female version)


  • Originally, there was supposed to be a third US exclusive Yellow Ranger to mirror the Wind Rangers, which fell through.
    • The Navy Ranger was going to be female in this plan, to mirror Tori.


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