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"There will be thousands upon thousands of them. They've gathered here to attack from all across the Universe!"
The Messenger heralding the Armada's arrival.

The Armada is a powerful empire led by an alien royal family and the main antagonist army of Super Megaforce. They are depicted as being one of the most widespread armies in outer space. They arrived on Earth just after the supposed 'death' of Vrak.


Zangyack Emblem 2

The Armada's Emblem

Sometime before the invasion of Earth, the Armada attacked Planet Andresia, killing all of its inhabitants except Orion. While a few Armada ships were left to guard the planet, Orion crashed one of them, using a slingshot. Orion spent months repairing it. Once he was done, he used the ship to get to Earth. At some point after that, the Armada went to attack the next planet. At the same time, Orion was hunting the Armada down.

Preparing to attack Earth next, Emperor Mavro called in Damaras to his throne room. His mission to Damaras was to assist Prince Vekar in invading Earth and to serve as his 2nd in command. Before they could attack Earth, the Armada has sent Warstar, their advance force, to arrive at the planet roughly a year to attack the planet's resistance before the royal empire came close to their currently prime target.

The double agent, The Messenger, eventually came to Earth, working for both empires and exchanging news on whether Vrak had successfully conquered Earth or not.

After Malkor's defeat, Messenger assisted Vrak and Metal Alice into destroying the Rangers to prepare for the Armada's arrival. Vrak's role was to disable the Rangers morphers while the Messenger's was to finish them off. However, the plan backfired when Robo Knight recharged his morpher using his energy and used the last to restore the Rangers. They then went on and destroyed the Messenger. Just then, Metal Alice arrived to the scene to fight the Rangers, but was defeated. After that, however, the Messenger survived as a head and the Armada began its invasion of Earth. Vrak hid from the Armada, as his brother wouldn't recognize him in his cyborg state.

After the Armada's warship myriad demolished the city, Prince Vekar had Headridge lead an army of XBorgs to clear out any remaining humans. Unfortunately for them, Headridge was destroyed by the Super Mega Rangers. Vekar immediately sent down Tentacus to get rid of them, only for him to be defeated as well.

The next day, as the humans were rebuilding the city, Vekar had Cybax enact a plan to launch missiles to every major city on Earth in two hours. Troy stumbled upon the plot and called in the other Rangers to stop Cybax. Though the missiles were about to be launched, Troy managed to disarm it just in time. Alongside the other Rangers, they defeated Cybax and charged the Armada in space with the Legendary Megazord. They destroyed the entire invasion fleet except for the Armada Mothership.

After the Bruisers were destroyed by the Legendary Megazord and after when the Mega Rangers were heading to find the floating island, Animaria, General Damaras had sent an Armada Attackship to hunt down the Rangers in the Skyship but was destroyed afterwards and he then sent Armada General Peluso along with his X-Borgs to retrieve the legendary Red Lion. As the general and his XBorgs fought the Rangers, The Red Lion has awakened and knocked the Rangers and the soldiers off the island sending them to crash. Afterwards, Prince Vekar thought that finding the Red Lion was a waste of time so he had changed Peluso's objective to reconquering the city as it was intended but Peluso was defeated afterwards. The Legendary Megazord has obtained the power of the Red Lion and has finished off General Peluso in the process leaving the villains to think of another plan to conquer Earth.

Sick of the failures of conquering Earth, Vekar's father the Emperor decides to send Matacore. He was assigned to assist Vekar during the invasion of Earth. At this point Vekar saw an opportunity to secure his worth and had a public speech on Earth alongside Matacore, Argus and many XBorgs. He announced that the humans have two choices which is to either surrender or be destroyed. In the middle of the speech, the Rangers interrupted. The Rangers attacked the Armada troop, but didn't stand a chance. However, when Vekar got blasted by Noah, they retreated to protect him from anymore harm. Later that day, Matacore was sent down to destroy the Rangers and clean up Vekar's honor and reputation. This time the Rangers had a Samurai Battle Disk to assist them. They used the Samurai Ranger powers and defeated Matacore.

Many months or so of hunting the Armada down, Orion discovers that the Armada is currently attacking Earth and decides to go there to help the Rangers and claim vengeance for his planet being destroyed. While Vekar kept doing random attacks with XBorgs, the Silver Ranger destroyed them all before the core Rangers can do it. Eventually the core Rangers got their chance to fight the XBorgs themselves (at this point Vekar sent Gorgax with the XBorgs). In the middle of the battle, the Silver Ranger interfered and destroyed all the XBorgs. He then leaves while the Rangers fight Gorgax, however Gorgax retreats. Then comes back later on to fight the Rangers. In the middle of the battle, Silver Ranger interferes and destroys Gorgax. After the battle, the Silver Rangers reveals himself as Orion, an alien from the Planet Andresia, which was destroyed by the Armada at some point before the invasion of Earth. Later that day, Damaras sends down Osogain to Earth, which the Rangers. alongside the Silver Ranger. fight, destroying him.

After countless failures once more, the Emperor once again sends in help for Prince Vekar to help by sending him an Armada Megazord. After beating the Rangers with the Armada Megazord, Vekar celebrated. Not willing to make any mistakes, Vekar sent down Argus to make sure the Rangers are defeated. When Argus was taken down by Noah, Vekar sought to avenge his best soldier's demise. Much to Damaras's disapproval, Vekar went to the Armada Megazord to fight the Rangers. This time, the Rangers had the upperhand. They destroyed Vekar along with his Megazord using a new Megazord combination, the Ultimate Legendary Megazord.

A day later, Vrak starts his master plan which is to have three giant drills drill through Earth, causing the planet itself to explode. Then to present himself to the Armada as the true inheritor of the throne as well as to have the Armada harvest as many salvageable resources as possible after Earth exploded. Vrak starts his plan by building his first drill using technology from his underwater lair.  He then captured Orion, draining him of his lifeforce and powers to create three powerful Gosei Orbs containing Orion's powers, to transfer some to Robo Knight, bending the latter to his will, and to disable the Rangers' Legendary Powers. Once all three drills were in place thanks to the Rangers, unknowingly, giving Tresnag and Drill Horn enough power to become drills while defeating them, Vrak inserted the Gosei Orbs into them, causing a solar eclipse and the drills to start drilling through Earth. The Rangers managed to put a stop to Vrak's plan. As with Vrak's defeat, the drills disappeared into nothingness and the Legendary Powers were restored. In between these events, Robo Knight was freed from Vrak's control thanks to Troy and Robo Knight saved Orion, by transferring his own life force into him, now living within him.

Seeking to avenge the death of his sons, Emperor Mavro arrives to take over as leader of Earth's invasion. He places both Yellzor and Redker as his 2nd in commands and throws Damaras into prison for his incompetence to protect Prince Vekar. Damaras was later freed and given a chance to redeem himself. Damaras's plan was to capture Troy and put him in display on Earth for a public execution. This plan, however, failed.

Even later, Emperor Mavro called in as many Armada ships as possible in the galaxy. He told them to terminate their missions and to set a course for Earth. After a heated battle with Mavro himself, the Rangers with help from the Legendary Rangers managed to put a stop to the Armada, ending the threat of them in the galaxy once and for all.

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