Superhuman Speed

Super Speed Kim

Kimberly Hart using super speed in it's first usage in the Power Rangers Universe.

Superhuman Speed, or just Super-Speed, is to power/ability to move or react beyond the scope of human
Dino Thunder ~ Conner Super Speed 01

Conner using his Super-Speed.

comprehension, like crossing vast distances in seconds, or defeating multiple enimies in a short time, or striking one enemy faster than the eye can see. The
Ronny using her super speed.

Ronny using her Super Speed.

latter ability is known as a high-speed rush attack.

The Ninja power of Super Speed of the Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers could also be used for a sub-power, Super-Leaping (the power to leap vast distances or heights). The Leaping version was utilized by Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park.

Super-Speed is commonly possessed as either a genetic power, or a Ninja Power. Some Rangers ( notably RPM) are able to simulate super speed due to special abilities of their suits. Except for the previously mentioned Ranger Power, Super Speed cannot be utilized by genetic users, however, morphed Rangers gain a boost in speed regardless. Overall, it is more common a power than Superhuman Strength.

Superhuman Speed Rangers

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