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The Squadron Rangers were a Ranger team from Planet 0117 of the A47 Galaxy. Having received their powers from the Morphinaut, they cycled through multiple Ranger powers across time & space before eventually settled on their current power set.

This team is one of the "New Powers": a collection of mysterious Rangers whose Legendary Ranger Keys were used by the Super Mega Rangers. As noted by Gosei, these teams had never been seen before on Earth, at least the Earth of the prime dimension, up to that point.

Team Members

The Squadron Rangers

Red Squadron Rhian
Green Squadron Telosi
Blue Squadron Orisonth
Yellow Squadron Phiro
Pink Squadron Aleia
Black Squadron Xev



  • Unnamed Morpher


  • Unnamed Chakram weapon
  • Unnamed Pole arm weapon

Squadron Rangers

Legendary Ranger Keys

  • Squadron Ranger Keys: These represent the Squadron Rangers.
    • Red Squadron Ranger Key
    • Green Squadron Ranger Key
    • Blue Squadron Ranger Key
    • Yellow Squadron Ranger Key
    • Pink Squadron Ranger Key

Super Megaforce's Squadron with the White Ranger.

Super Megaforce-Squadron Legendary Ranger Mode

Red Squadron Troy Burrows (male version)
Blue Squadron Noah Carver (male version)
Yellow Squadron Gia Moran (female version)
Green Squadron Jake Holling
Pink Squadron Emma Goodall


  • Easter eggs of their existence has been scattered throughout the franchise:
    • Though purely speculation, due to the fact that the Thunderzords and Tommy's White Ranger powers were adapted from Dairanger, its possible that they were derived from the Squadron Rangers.
      • Another note is due to Kibaranger suit is being adapted for Tommy’s Mighty Morphin White Ranger suit, Black Squadron Ranger is created to fill Squadron Rangers’ Sixth Ranger slot in Power Rangers adaption.
    • The Squadron logo is is spotted in Tommy's office in Dino Thunder.
    • The Squadron Rangers were active participants in The Legendary Battle, though this is purely due to the lack of proper editing of footage for Rangers that existed before Zyuranger.
  • "Squadron" is a translation of "Sentai", the namesake of Super Sentai.
  • The Squadron Rangers were given the name Power Rangers Star Force in early Super Megaforce casting sides.[1] The Indonesian-dub of Dairanger referred to them as the Star Rangers, which is similar to Star Force.


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