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"We are... Spirit Rangers!"
―Spirit Rangers announcing their arrvial[src]

"Fight with Spirits!"
―Spirit Rangers' battle phrase[src]

Centuries ago, Wise God Torin recruited brave humans as Kyoryugers to stop the Deboss Army. Though they died in battle, their spirits live on to aid the living Kyoryugers to which they are known as the Spirit Kyoryugers.

Team Members


The Spirit Kyoryugers with Yayoi Ulshade.

Kyoryu Cyan Ramirez
Kyoryu Gray Tessai

Team History

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Individual Weapons


Zyudenryu System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha

Spirit Kyoryugers

Ranger Keys

Spirit Kyoryuger Ranger Keys (スピリットキョウリュウジャーレンジャーキー Supiritto Kyōryūjā Renjā Kī)

  • Kyoryu Cyan Key (キョウリュウシアンキー Kyōryū Shian Kī)
  • Kyoryu Gray Key (キョウリュウグレーキー Kyōryū Gurē Kī)


  • The main suit difference between the Spirit Kyoryugers and the living Kyoryugers is that the Spirit Rangers have bronze replacing what would be yellow, most prominently the sashes on their chests, but also includes the teeth markings on the visors and the Mobuckle accents.
  • The idea of Rangers being spirits and based on auxiliary mecha was previously used in Power Rangers Jungle Fury with their own version of Spirit Rangers.
  • Yayoi Ulshade is considered an unofficial member of the Spirit Kyoryugers by Ramirez and Tessai. This is mainly because Kyoryu Violet is an Extra Kyoryuger.
    • With the same logic, Torin or Dantetsu Kiryu would be Spirit Rangers.


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