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Special System is generally a power source or a set of collectables in Power Rangers & Super Sentai. The concept of a Special System is that the team's arsenal and Zords/Mecha may be powered through special means.

In Super Sentai

  • Gaoranger - The initial special system, with the usage of the Gao Jewels to summon Power Animals to assist for the mecha fights.
  • Hurricaneger - The first Super Sentai series to employ a special system, this series uses Shinobi Medals that allow the users to transform and to use Karakuri Balls.
  • Go-Onger - The second Super Sentai series to use a special system, this series uses Engine Souls; Some of which are the Souls of Engines can be used to power the team's arsenal, some are Change Souls that allow a user to transform, and others are used for a specific purpose.
  • Shinkenger - This series uses two special systems: Mojikara and Secret Disks. Mojikara is used to write caligraphy, that activates what the character translates as; for example, if a Shinkenger writes his/her elemental symbol, then it allows them to transform. The Secret Disks are used with the Secret Playback Katana Shinkenmaru or with any other weapons or equipment that possess Secret Disk slots to power them. Some of these disks also summon an Origami; for example, the five Samurai Armanemt Origami, Tora, Kajiki, Kabuto, Ika, and Kyoryu Origami.
  • Goseiger - This series uses Gosei Cards, which power the Goseigers' arsenal and Gosei Machines, as well as transformation.
  • Gokaiger - This series uses Ranger Keys, which power the Gokaigers' Gokai Changes, arsenal, and Mecha.
  • Kyoryuger - This series uses Zyudenchi, which power the Kyoryugers' transformation, arsenal, and Mecha through the power source Brave. Each user is equipped with a set at their disposal. They will usually have at least four to work with; one for transformation, and three others at random that are kept on reserve. To activate a Zyudenchi, a user shouts, "Brave In!" and presses a button located at the negative (-) side. Zyudenchi tend to run dry after one use. If a user exhausts his/her supply, then he/she will be unable to use any other weapons or power-up any Zyudenryu.
  • ToQger - The ToQgers' transformation, Transfer Changes, arsenal, and the summoning of their Ressha are powered through the ToQ Ressha.
  • Ninninger - The Ninningers' special system is the Nin Shuriken.
  • Kyuranger - The Kyurangers' special system is the Kyutama.

In Power Rangers

Power Rangers developed the special system concept first as a set of collectables not just used for what each series' Sentai counterpart demonstrated, but used also for other purposes outside of those of the Sentai counterpart. From there onwards, Super Sentai would use this concept as well.

  • Mighty Morphin - Power Coins: Mainly used for morphing and (in Season 1 only) to power up the Zords, Power Coins are the Mighty Morphin Rangers' source of power.
  • Zeo - Zeo Crystal: First mentioned in Mighty Morphin 3, the Zeo Crystal is used by the Zeo Rangers to power their arsenal and Zords.
  • Ninja Storm - Power Discs: Used for morphing and to summon Power Spheres.
  • Mystic ForceMystic Force Spells: Used to morph, to summon weapons and to cast generic spells.
  • R.P.M. - Engine Cells: Used to morph, to power the Ranger Operators' arsenal, and to power the Zords.
  • (Super) Samurai - Symbol Power (See: Samuraizer) and Power Discs: Symbol Power is used by the Samurai Rangers to write Japanese characters to morph, to summon their FoldingZords, to summon a Megazord and to activate any special powers or effects. Power Discs power the Samurai Rangers' arsenal and are used with their FoldingZords.
  • Megaforce - Power Cards: The Mega Rangers' first special system, the Power Cards allow them to morph, to summon battle gear, Zords, Mechazords, and Megazords, and to use special powers.
  • Super Megaforce - Legendary Ranger Keys: Used by the Mega Rangers to power their Legendary morphs, Super Mega arsenal and to power up their Super Mega Zords.
  • Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge - Dino Chargers: Used to power the Dino Charge Rangers' morphing, arsenal and Zords. The auxiliary Chargers have special powers that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel - Ninja Power Stars:

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