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The Space Beast Warriors (宇宙獣士 Uchū Jūshi) are aliens that work alongside the soldiers of the Gozma Empire for conquest. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, generally having a grotesque, inhuman appearance and directly serving under the high command of the Gozma, including General Giluke or Queen Ahames. While Space Beasts generally have their own means of attack, they all swear allegiance to the Gozma and leader Star King Bazeu, even if they belong to civilizations that aren't directly under Bazeu's control.Ep. 41: The Prince of the Lost World!Ep. 45: The Rainbow-Colored Girl Aira

Many Space Beasts are in actuality beings who used to have greater sentience prior to being mutated and forced under the will of Bazeu and the Gozma.Ep. 7: The Sad Space Beast Warrior! Near the end of the Earth invasion campaign, Bazeu gives Giluke a similar power to mutate his crew into Space Beasts, with many either escaping or leading to strange mutations that allow for the creature to continue to exist even without the intended target.Ep. 49: The Sad Shiima Beast SoldierEp. 53: Fiery Ahames!

All Space Beasts used on the invasion of Earth were grown by the Gozma's "pet", Gyodai, due to his biological need to grow objects once destroyed.

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