This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.

The Solar Rangers are the group of warriors fighting evil inside of the void.


Color Role
Pink Solar Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart
Black Solar Ranger Mike Corbett
Yellow Solar Ranger Tanya Sloan
Blue Solar Ranger Heckyl
Red Solar Ranger Andros
Green Solar Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Violet Solar Ranger Ellarien
Orange Solar Ranger Remi

Team History

The original Solar Rangers were created by the Praetor during his exile into the void. In modern times, the Promethea Rangers, upon Ellarien's discover of past Solar Rangers, broke the Solarien into seven pieces and morphed into the latest incarnation of Solar Rangers.




  • Their helmets bear similarities to those of the Kyurangers.
    • The Solar Forms of Promethea Rangers all take visual cues from their regular ranger forms.
      • With the exception of Ellarien (solar/violet) and Remi (orange), because those are their only Ranger forms
  • The color pallet is similar to the ToQgers.
  • The Solar Rangers are the first team to have a core team of seven (eight if counts Remi)



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