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An assortment of Sledge's Outlaws in their cells.

Sledge (Dino Charge) enlarges Scrapper.

Sledge's Outlaws are the name of the monsters that are collected and captured by the bounty hunter Sledge as part of his bounties.


These criminals are sent down to Earth by Sledge in order to find the Energems long concealed by Keeper and defeat the ones they bonded with: the Rangers. They are kept in the cell blocks on Sledge's warship, but they are casually released and promised freedom, if they can assist their power hungry master in his objectives. It has been shown they change cell blocks constantly, when one of the outlaws are destroyed.

Occasionally, an outlaw may betray their overseer, either due to their loyalty to Sledge, like Cavity to Poisandra, or their desperate wish for freedom, like Wish Star to Fury. They may also goof off and abandon their post during a mission, such as Duplicon to Curio, or be bossy and attempt to act independently, such as Smokescreen to Wrench.

Sometimes, outlaws can be revived by the Reanimator.

After Sledge is seemingly defeated, Heckyl and Snide take over leadership of the remaining convicts where he doesn't have them locked up and has them remain on his ship.

Then Lord Arcanon jails both Heckyl and Snide and take over leadership of Sledge's crew, with Singe and Doomwing, and gains an army of his own (actually Sledge's Outlaws).

After the Rangers defeated Arcanon, Sledge returns and retakes his army, and his crew and destroy Arcanon and his crew. In the final battle of the present, Sledge, his crew and his outlaws are seemingly killed by a black hole created when the Rangers and Heckyl destroyed the Dark Energem with the help of all humans, however the black hole was actually a wormhole and the outlaws survived, but remained locked in their cells. And in the final battle in the past, Sledge, his crew (except Curio who was not yet created and Fury killed on Earth), and all his outlaws except Heximas are destroyed when Sledge's Ship was leading in the Sun by Heckyl.

Heximas leads a final attack against the Rangers with his Vivix, but they are all destroyed.

List of Outlaws

Working with Sledge

These outlaws are released when Sledge was in charge of the ship.

Deployed by Sledge

Deployed by Fury

Deployed by Poisandra

Deployed by Wrench

Deployed by Curio

Outlaws revived (Dino Charge)

These monsters are only seen when Kendall boards Sledge's ship in "One More Energem". They aren't seen again after the ship's crash, implying that they have not survived.

Outlaws working with Snide and Heckyl

These outlaws are released after the ship crashed and Snide and Heckyl take leadership.

Deployed by Heckyl and Snide

Deployed by Singe

Deployed by Fury

Deployed by Poisandra

Outlaws created by Wrench

  • Spell Digger - Created by Fury and Wrench by combining Spellbinder's pendant and Gold Digger's coins.
  • Fortress - Created by Wrench as a personal Megazord for Heckyl and Snide.

Outlaws revived (Dino Super Charge)


  • Halfbake - Worked as a chef for Heckyl upon his takeover. Fought the rangers on his own accord to prove to Heckyl that he was competent as an outlaw. Destroyed by the Rangers.

Outlaws under Lord Arcanon

Outlaws who were once under Heckyl's control were then taken over by Lord Arcanon before being regained by Sledge.

Outlaws revived by Wrench and then deployed by Doomwing

The revivals for Doomwing's plot were sped up rendering the following monsters unable to speak:

Deployed by Poisandra and Curio

Deployed by Wrench and Snide

Outlaws regained by Sledge

These are the outlaws who were regained by Sledge after he overthrew Arcanon.

Deployed by Sledge and Snide

  • Badussa
  • Six Greenzillas (Five hatch with success but not the sixth, destroyed before by Tyler, Shelby and Chase).


Background inmates

In addition to those listed above, the following inmates are also inmates of Sledge's ship with some of them being recycled from other characters, unused monsters, or hybrids of two monster suits. In Dino Super Charge, some of these background inmates are serving Heckyl (where some of them were in the same prison section as him) after the ship's crash starting with Ninja and Hunter. They are all destroyed in the Past Timeline "End of Extinction" when Sledge's Ship was heading into the Sun, but still alive in the Original Timeline. They were finally destroyed offscreen when Koda destroys the Warrior Dome Ship in "The Poisy Show".

Among these background inmates are:


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