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"Bring me the Energems!"

Sledge's Crew is a ragtag militia that Sledge brings to Earth to aid him in retrieving the Energems from Keeper and the Dino Charge Rangers.


Throughout history, the intergalactic bounty hunter Sledge amassed a vast and motley crew, with the vast majority of the members consisting of numerous outlaws, imprisoned across the ages, who eventually swore allegiance to their captor due to being promised release in case of a successful mission.

The militia is run by Sledge and his four generals: Fury, Wrench, Poisandra, and Curio. Below them are the Spikeballs and the Vivix, the infantry of the army.

Sledge has his four generals formulate schemes to use against the Rangers, while the Spikeballs are in charge of ensuring security at the ship, making sure the outlaws do not escape their confinement, and the Vivix are tasked with maintaining the ship. However, both may be summoned to aid their superiors in battle.

Weeks after the ship crashes, Sledge has disappeared and the most dangerous outlaw, Snide, makes his presence and authority known through his first rampage. His other half, Heckyl, quickly and lightly apologizes for Snide's actions and then lays out the new rules of the base. When one of the outlaws tries to leave, he executes them by shooting them in the back and then tells the others this will be the fate of all those who try the same, as he considers deserters to be traitors, enforcing his control.

Singe arrives on Earth shortly after this change and forms a partnership with Snide and Heckyl to obtain the Energems in exchange for working under them. His arrival brings him into conflict with Fury, whom considers him a both an annoyance and a direct threat to his position as second-in-command, causing the generals to argue and even fight occasionally. But little did Heckyl and Snide know that Singe is not really who he says to be, for he is caught talking to his actual master on a screen tablet about his mission by Fury.

After the failed attempt to destroy the Titano Zord and Singe getting exposed for working with his true master, Lord Arcanon, he retreats back into space, but not before betraying Heckyl in the process.

Heckyl, Fury, and Wrench then encounter Singe returning with Lord Arcanon and his fellow general, Doomwing, meeting them for the first time. Wrench remembers that Lord Arcanon is the only evil Sledge is frightened of. Lord Arcanon has gotten ahold of the forbidden Dark Energem in his box before revealing that he was the one who had hired Sledge to collect the numerous amount of criminals just to build up an entire army for his universal conquest and now he came to take them back, including Heckyl and Snide. The villains then get into a power struggle on foot and then in a Megazord fight. Snide had gained the upper hand with the power of his personal Megazord, Fortress, as he challenges Arcanon and his generals, who are controlling the Dino Charge Rangers' stolen Megazords, until the Rangers took them back to finish off Fortress. Heckyl was then defeated by Arcanon and put back in his solitary cell. Arcanon then takes the throne as the new boss in charge, much to the shock of Sledge's original generals.

After many battles, Lord Arcanon fights the Rangers himself and is defeated but survives. Sledge returns, regains his crew (Fury, Wrench, Poisandra, Curio and Snide) and they destroy Arcanon with his crew (Singe, Conductro, and Screech). Sledge launches his master plan : Six Greenzillas dispatched around the world to destroy the Earth, and repair his ship to be in safety. Sledge sacrifices Snide, who is destroyed by the Rangers and Heckyl, because he is not in his master plan. The Rangers succeed and destoyed all Greenzillas but Sledge uses the Greenzilla's eggs to fix his electromagnetic net to yank the Earth from the Sun, freezing the Rangers and to recover the Energems. To strike back, the Rangers with the help of all humans destroy the Dark Energem. However, it created a black hole (unknowingly to be time hole) which seemingly destroyed Sledge's Crew but the Earth too.

With the help of Keeper, the Rangers return to the past, at the time of the Dinosaurs to fight Sledge and his crew one last time. At the end of the final battle, Sledge and his crew (except Curio who was not yet created and Fury who is destroyed by a bomb) are destroyed by Heckyl when he leads Sledge's Ship into the Sun, saving the Earth and to prevent the extinction of the Dinosaurs. This event cause to create their own timeline (unknowingly that the main timeline Dino Charge Rangers and Sledge's Crews who being seemingly destroyed by the black hole are still existed in main timeline).

But Sledge's Crew of the Present Timeline (Sledge, Wrench and Poisandra) survived the black hole, the fate of Fury and Curio is unknown (possibly "erased" from existence but it is not confirmed yet). They return in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, find the Warrior Dome Ship and forms an alliance with Madame Odius and her Crew (Cosmo Royale and the new Galaxy Warriors).



  • Sledge's Crew had been around for at least 65,000,000 years, thus making them one of, if not, the oldest villain factions in Power Rangers history.
  • Sledge's Crew being taken over by numerous leaders over and over is very similar to what happened to the Machine Empire in Power Rangers Zeo.
  • This is the first faction to feature a bounty hunter as a leader. 
  • While not confirmed if this is intentional, the villains bear noticeable similarities to past villains in the Power Rangers franchise in terms of appearance, personality, and concepts.
    • The original fleet of villains are similar to the Evil Space Aliens from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
      • Sledge is very similar to Lord Zedd in terms of both appearance and personality. Coincidentally, both characters are original villains created exclusively for Power Rangers.
      • Poisandra is fairly similar to Rita Repulsa, as both are comical female villains possessing energetic personalities and are the fiancees of the main villains of their respective series.
      • Fury is similar to Goldar, as both are feline-like warriors who act as the second in command of their respective crews. Both are also verbal punching bags to their masters should one of their plans fail.
      • Wrench's personality, voice, and blue color scheme is similar to Baboo, while his role as the mechanic and scientist of the crew makes him similar to Finster.
      • Curio is fairly similar to Squatt, as both are short villains who possess scatterbrained and child-like personalities. Alongside this, both villains pose next to no threat to their enemies, instead being used as comic relief more often than not.
    • Heckyl and Snide, on the other hand, share similarities with the villains from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
      • Heckyl and Snide being forced to share a body in a Jeckyll/Hyde style is similar to Mesogog, who is forced to share a body with Anton Mercer. Like Mesogog and Dr. Mercer, Heckyl and Snide also separate and become two separate beings near the end of Dino Super Charge.
      • Heckyl shares some similarites with Elsa, as both are humanoid villains who were good willed before being corrupted by an evil force. Both also become good again at the end of their respective series.
      • Snide is similar to Zeltrax, especially in appearance, as Snide's counterpart, Neo-Geildon, is a clone of Zeltrax's counterpart, Darkness Messenger Geildon. Like Zeltrax, both villains are relentless and arrogant warriors who betray their affiliates for their own personal reasons.
    • Lord Arcanon is similar to Captain Mutiny, as both are villains who briefly take the role as main villain in their respective series, only to be killed by another villain. He also shares similarities with Master Vile, as both are villains who assume leadership of another villain faction for their own reasons. Unlike Arcanon however, Vile was not destroyed, but simply left on his own accord, giving leadership back to Zedd and Rita.
      • Singe is similar to Deviot, as both are deceptive villains who pledged loyalty to more than one group. Unlike Singe, however, Deviot was only for himself and only joined Mutiny to stay alive, while Singe was truly loyal to Arcanon. Singe's constant and sometimes comical arguing with Fury could be compared to Rito Revolto, who initially couldn't see eye to eye with Goldar.
      • Doomwing is similar to Zen-Aku, as both are an evil force that inhibit a ranger from using their powers correctly. He is also similar to Whiger, as both steal a ranger's powers in order to make themselves more powerful. Unlike Zen-Aku and Whiger, however, Doomwing has absolutely no redeeming qualities, as he is only an evil manifestation of Zenowing.
    • Coincidentally, Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge aired around the same time as Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, whose villains, the Deathgalien, were inspired by past villains and monsters in the Super Sentai series.
    • In the recent upcoming trailer for Super Ninja Steel, Sledge and Wrench, later Poisandra, have been shown to be alive and well in the Galaxy Warrior Dome Ship, alongside three new crew members. One being based on Ariake no Kata, Badonna, another based on the Kuliner from Ressha Sentai ToQger, and one based on Yokai Buruburu. Meaning that they are set to return.

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