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|prodpreviousteam = The Armada
|prodpreviousteam = The Armada
|prodnextteam = TBA
|prodnextteam = TBA
| heroes = [[Dino Charge Rangers]]
| heroes = [[:Category:Dino Charge Rangers|Dino Charge Rangers]]
|image =sledgecrew.jpg
|image =sledgecrew.jpg
|grunts = [[Vivix]]<br>[[Spikeballs]]
|grunts = [[Vivix]]<br>[[Spikeballs]]

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This article is about a/an empire in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
"Bring me the Energems!"

Sledge's Crew is the army that Sledge brings to Earth along with him in order to aid him in his quest to rule the universe by retrieving the Energems from Keeper and the Dino Charge Rangers.


Throughout history, the intergalactic bounty hunter Sledge amassed a vast and motley crew, with the vast majority of his army consisting of a massive amount of outlaws, imprisoned across the ages, and whom have eventually sworn allegiance to their captor due to being promised release in case of success at a mission and their lives being given a real purpose.

The military is run by Sledge and his four generals: Fury, Wrench, Poisandra and Curio. Below them, are the Spikeballs and the Vivix, the infantry of the army.

Sledge has his four generals formulate schemes and plans to use against the Rangers, while the Spikeballs are in charge of ensuring security at the ship, making sure the outlaws do not escape their confinement, while the Vivix are tasked with tending with the maintenance and fixing of the ship. However, both may be summoned to aid their superiors in battle.

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