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The Shogun Rangers are descendants of the Ancient Samurai Rangers from the 18th century, and ancestors of the current Samurai Rangers in the 21st century. They were five Samurai Rangers adorned with shogun-like armor to distinguishing them from other Samurai Rangers. They summoned the BullZord 300 years ago to this world after it was created by the Guardians. However, the BullZord could not be contained and thus, the Shogun's Red Ranger, The Grand Shogun, decreed that it be locked away for eternity.

However, when 300 years later, Jayden Shiba and the young Guardian Cody managed to free and tame the BullZord, The Grand Shogun's apparition appeared in front of them and granted them the Shogun power as a reward. Thus, every time that the Shogun Buckle is activated with the Shogun Disk, the Rangers can become the Shogun Rangers with their respective ranger color and element.


Color Actor
Fire The Grand Shogun Jim McLarty
Water Blue Shogun Ranger
Sky Pink Shogun Ranger
Forest Green Shogun Ranger
Earth Yellow Shogun Ranger




The unused Gold Shogun Ranger

  • Whether the Shogun form was the Shogun Rangers' base form or a power-up was not revealed. However, it is clear that they identified more with the Shogun form.
  • PLEX made a Gold Shogun Ranger but they didn't use it.


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