This article is about a/an evil Ranger team in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

"We obey!"
―Shadow Rangers (Turbo) after getting a command from Shadow Chromite[src]

The Shadow Rangers were evil clones of the Turbo Power Rangers created by a special Chromite.


The Shadow Chromite stole the powers of Adam, Tanya and Kat when they morphed, and clones with their Ranger powers suddenly appeared and attacked them. They fought the clones, but were beaten and were taken to the Chromite Cave. Justin and Tommy arrived in search of their friends, but they were too late. The Shadow Chromite managed to steal Justin's powers, but failed to steal the powers of Tommy, who had managed to escape. After that battle, they captured Justin and left, now having four of the Rangers as prisoners.

Meanwhile, Tommy discovered that the Shadow Rangers were made of refracted light, and to destroy them, he must fight them in darkness. Before Tommy could search for his fellow Rangers, he fought three of the Shadow Rangers (Green, Yellow, and Blue), getting them into the darkness and destroying them, one by one. Then, when he arrived at the Chromite Cave, he turned out the lights and destroyed the Pink Shadow Ranger.

Since the Shadow Chromite was made of light (like his Shadow Rangers), the Turbo Megazord eliminated it by blocking its light source. As the Shadow Chromite disappeared, so did the detonator it was guarding.


Mountain Blaster Shadow Blue Turbo Ranger
Desert Thunder Shadow Green Turbo Ranger
Dune Star Shadow Yellow Turbo Ranger
Wind Chaser Shadow Pink Turbo Ranger



  • This is the second team of evil Rangers not to include a Red Ranger, the first being the Mutant Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1's "Mighty Morphin Mutants".
  • The clones' suits were identical to the Turbo Rangers, though with muted colors and grey helmets.
  • While no such concept existed in Carranger, Jetman had a similar evil team. Though the Shadow Jetmen's existence didn't immediately remove the Jetmen's powers, they weakened as the Shadow Jetmen became stronger. Similar to the Shadow Rangers, the Shadow Jetmen also could not survive without light and were destroyed by having that weakness exploited by the one team member who was still fully powered due to not being present when the Shadows were created. Interestingly, the color schemes were reversed (the Shadow Rangers have colored suits and monochrome helmets while the Shadow Jetmen have black suits and colored helmets and chest plates once fully powered.)
  • Another team called the Shadow Rangers will appear in Wild Force. They will also have the colors reversed, with colored helmets and colorless suits.

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