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Bag Shadow: An example of a Shadow Monster.

The Shadow Monsters (シャドー怪人 Shadō Kaijin) are monsters that appear to be themed after antique inanimate objects which serve under the Shadow Line, leading the Kuros into battle against the ToQgers. Their job is to take over regions of Japan to expand the Shadow Line's borders, collecting negative emotions and suffering, and stealing Imagination energy to help bring their head boss, the Darkness Emperor, to Earth so they can take over.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Z

Z's Shadow Monsters seem to be about gathering sources of light & anything connected to light.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Noir

Noir's Shadow Monsters are focused about getting what she views as "quality darkness". Most of the missions they are assigned have something to do with getting ready Grita's marriage to Z.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Nero

Nero's Shadow Monsters are about collecting darkness from as much suffering humans as possible.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Schwarz

  • Zaram(First & Only Shadow Monster)

Shadow Monsters deployed by Gritta

Gritta's Shadow Monsters are about helping General Schwarz in any way possible.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Morc

Most of Morc's Shadow Monsters are known as "Keepers" (管理人 Kanrinin). The protectors of the Shadow Towns, they are themed after chess pieces; and have similar weapons in the form of staffs. However, she also has regular Shadow Monsters that she can call upon.

Shadow Monsters deployed by Nair

Shadow Monsters deployed by Hei

Shadow Monsters Collaborated on With The Kibaoni Army Corps

  • Yokai Wanyūdō (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger) (Counts as a Shadow Monster because it was made with one of the Shadow Line's Kuliners) (First and Only Shadow Monster)


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