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The Gokaigers changed into White Rangers.

The White Sentai Ranger (白い戦隊レンジャー Shiroi Sentai Renjā) or White Warrior (白い戦士 Shiroi Senshi) is a position given to a few members in the Super Sentai Series. The first two White Rangers (Big One and ChangeMermaid) take the place of the Yellow Ranger, while subsequent Rangers after them have been categorized as follows: the males (as well as MagiMother) are always additional members who come later (KibaRanger, AbareKiller, DekaBreak), while females (as well as GekiChopper) are usually part of the core team. One took part of the Red Ranger (Zenkaizer). Only four White Rangers (White Swan, NinjaWhite, GaoWhite, and ShiroNinger) have their color mentioned in their designation, and they are all female. Most of the White Rangers are intellectuals, although three also served as the leaders of their team (four if one's powered up form is counted, as well as his unofficial leadership status).

Main Sentai White

These are Rangers who belong on the main team and are the main characters of the show. They are also the first to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Historic/Alternate White Rangers

These are Rangers that exist in alternate or expanded versions of the main canon, or in past/future points in time of the main canon.

Rangers commonly associated with White

These Rangers have no specific classified color.

Super White

White Rangers who can assume Super Ranger forms.

Gokai Changes

Female White

Female versions of the White Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms transformed by Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink are equipped with skirts.

Male White

Transfer Changes

Avatar Changes

Chronological List of White Rangers

Ranger Keys

Sentai Rangers


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