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The first 43 Red Sentai Rangers up to Lupinranger VS Patranger.

The first 45 Red Sentai Rangers along with the Zenkaigers.

The Red Sentai Ranger (赤い戦隊レンジャー Akai Sentai Renjā) or Red Warrior (赤い戦士 Akai Senshi) is a designation given to one character in every incarnation of Super Sentai. Red is always a hero with a burning sense of justice and usually the leader and the driving force of their respective teams. It is the only color to appear in every Super Sentai team.

Main Sentai Red

These are Rangers who belong on the main team and (with the exception of ZenkaiJuran and Don Momotaro) are the main protagonists of the show. They are also the first to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Secondary Red

These are Rangers who, while belonging with the main team, are also the second to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Unofficial Red

Historic/Alternate Red Rangers

These are Rangers that exist in alternate or expanded versions of the main canon, or in past, present or future points in time of the main canon.

Unique Evil Red

These are Evil Rangers with unique or highly re-stylized Ranger forms.

Clone Evil Rangers

These are Rangers based off of pre-existing Rangers.

Super Red

Red Rangers who can assume Super Ranger forms.

Sentai Red Team

Gokai Changes

Female Red

Female versions of the Red Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms transformed by Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink are equipped with skirts.

Transfer Changes

Temporary Gender Change

Avatar Changes

Chronological List of Red Rangers

Some of the sentai reds. Note the inclusion of KabutoRaiger


Legend Sentai Devices

Sentai Rangers


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