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The following is a list of Sentai Rangers (戦隊レンジャー Sentai Renjā), alternatively Sentai Warriors (戦隊戦士 Sentai Senshi) or Super Warriors (スーパー戦士 Sūpā Senshi) Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Sentai History, that have appeared in the Super Sentai franchise, grouped by team.

Sentai Rangers are varied generally by color, and are typically grouped according to a theme. They may be a brigade, or may reflect animals or vehicles, or perhaps a mix of two or more themes.

Main Sentai Rangers

These Rangers are the (mostly) main protagonists of their series, movies and specials.

Other Lead Rangers

Sentai Rangers by series

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Color List

Characters written in italics are Sentai Ranger Wannabes, not real Sentai Rangers. Red and Blue are the only two colors to appear in every season.

Series Red Rangers Blue Rangers Yellow Rangers Pink Rangers Green Rangers Black Rangers White Rangers Orange Rangers Violet Rangers Silver Rangers Gold Rangers Brown Rangers Gray Rangers Multicolor Rangers
Gorenger Akarenger Aorenger Kirenger Momorenger Midorenger
J.A.K.Q. Spade Ace Dia Jack Heart Queen Clover King Big One
Battle Fever Battle Japan Battle France Miss America Battle Kenya Battle Cossack
Denziman DenziRed DenziBlue DenziYellow DenziPink DenziGreen
Sun Vulcan VulEagle VulShark VulPanther White Rose Mask
Goggle V GoggleRed GoggleBlue GoggleYellow GogglePink GoggleBlack Transformed Papa
Dynaman DynaRed DynaBlue DynaYellow DynaPink DynaBlack
Bioman Red1 Blue3 Yellow4 Pink5 Green2 Magne Warrior
Changeman ChangeDragon ChangePegasus ChangePhoenix ChangeGriffon ChangeMermaid
Flashman Red Flash Blue Flash Yellow Flash Pink Flash Green Flash
Maskman Red Mask Blue Mask Yellow Mask Pink Mask X1 Mask Black Mask
Liveman Red Falcon Blue Dolphin Yellow Lion Green Sai Black Bison
Turboranger Red Turbo Blue Turbo Yellow Turbo Pink Turbo Black Turbo
Fiveman FiveRed FiveBlue FiveYellow FivePink FiveBlack
Jetman Red Hawk Blue Swallow Yellow Owl Green Eagle Black Condor White Swan
Neo-Jetman 1
Neo-Jetman 2
Birdman Neo-Jetman 3
Neo-Jetman 4
Neo-Jetman 5
Zyuranger TyrannoRanger TriceraRanger TigerRanger PteraRanger DragonRanger MammothRanger
Dairanger RyuuRanger TenmaRanger KirinRanger HououRanger ShishiRanger KibaRanger
Kakuranger NinjaRed NinjaBlue NinjaYellow Pink Cherry Blossom Green Water Lotus NinjaBlack NinjaWhite Orange Lily Purple Orchid
Sister 3 Blue Iris Sister 1
Sister 2
Ohranger OhRed OhBlue OhYellow OhPink OhGreen KingRanger
Carranger Red Racer Blue Racer Yellow Racer Pink Racer Green Racer VRV Master White Racer
Megaranger MegaRed MegaBlue MegaYellow MegaPink MegaBlack MegaSilver
NeziRed NeziBlue NeziYellow NeziPink NeziBlack NeziSilver
Gingaman GingaRed GingaBlue GingaYellow GingaPink GingaGreen Black Knight
GoGoFive GoRed GoBlue GoYellow GoPink GoGreen Zeek
Timeranger TimeRed TimeBlue TimeYellow TimePink TimeGreen
Gaoranger GaoRed GaoBlue GaoYellow GaoBlack GaoWhite GaoSilver
Hurricaneger HurricaneRed HurricaneBlue HurricaneYellow Shurikenger HurricaneDark
KabutoRaiger KuwagaRaiger
Abaranger AbaRed AbareBlue AbareYellow AbarePink AbareBlack AbareKiller
Dekaranger DekaRed DekaBlue DekaYellow DekaPink DekaGreen DekaMaster DekaBreak DekaBright DekaGold
S.P.D. Fire Squad
Neo DekaYellow DekaSwan
Neo DekaRed
Magiranger MagiRed MagiBlue MagiYellow MagiPink MagiGreen MagiMother Wolzard MagiShine
Wolzard Fire KaiShine
Boukenger Bouken Red Bouken Blue Bouken Yellow Bouken Pink Bouken Black Bouken Silver Zubaan
AkaRed 30
Gekiranger GekiRed GekiBlue GekiYellow Chameleon-Fist Black Lion GekiChopper GekiViolet
Go-Onger Go-On Red Go-On Blue Go-On Yellow Go-On Green Go-On Black Go-On Silver Go-On Gold
Shinkenger Shinken Red Shinken Blue Shinken Yellow Shinken Pink Shinken Green Shinken Gold Shinken Brown
Princess Shinken Red
Goseiger Gosei Red Gosei Blue Gosei Yellow Gosei Pink Gosei Green Gosei Black Gosei Knight
Gokaiger Gokai Red Gokai Blue Gokai Yellow Gokai Pink Gokai Green Gokai Silver Gokai Christmas
AkaRed 35
Go-Busters Red Buster Blue Buster Yellow Buster Pink Buster Green Hippopotamus Black Puma Stag Buster Beet Buster
Dark Buster
Blue Gorilla Yellow Rabbit Pink Cat Silver Stag Gold Beetle
Red Cheetah
Akibaranger AkibaRed AkibaBlue AkibaYellow Choco-tan
Kyoryuger Kyoryu Red Kyoryu Blue Kyoryu Pink Kyoryu Green Kyoryu Black Kyoryu Violet Kyoryu Silver Kyoryu Gold Kyoryu Gray
Kyoryu Cyan
Chaosryuger Deathryuger
Kyoryu Navy
ToQger ToQ 1gou ToQ 2gou ToQ 3gou ToQ 5gou ToQ 4gou ToQ 1gou of Darkness ToQ 1gou White ToQ 6gou ToQ 7gou ToQ 1gou of the Rainbow
ToQ 2gou Red ToQ 1gou Blue ToQ 1gou Yellow ToQ 1gou Pink ToQ 1gou Green
ToQ 3gou Red ToQ 3gou Blue ToQ 2gou Yellow ToQ 2gou Pink ToQ 2gou Green ToQ 1gou Orange
ToQ 4gou Red ToQ 4gou Blue ToQ 4gou Yellow ToQ 3gou Pink ToQ 3gou Green Yami No 0gou
ToQ 5gou Red ToQ 5gou Blue ToQ 5gou Yellow ToQ 4gou Pink ToQ 5gou Green Ticket 6gou
ToQ 0gou Red ToQ 0gou Blue ToQ 0gou Yellow ToQ 0gou Pink
ToQ -100gou Red Ryo Knight Z 6gou
Ninninger AkaNinger AoNinger KiNinger MomoNinger MidoNinger ShiroNinger StarNinger
Zyuohger Zyuoh Eagle Zyuoh Shark Zyuoh Lion Zyuoh Human Zyuoh Elephant Zyuoh Tiger Zyuoh Bird Zyuoh Condor Zyuoh The World
Zyuoh Gorilla
Zyuoh Whale
AkaRed 40
Kyuranger Shishi Red Ookami Blue Kajiki Yellow Washi Pink Chameleon Green Oushi Black Shishi Red Orion Sasori Orange Ryu Violet Hebitsukai Silver Tenbin Gold
Houou Soldier Koguma Skyblue Ryu Commander Hebitsukai Metal
Dino Force Brave Brave Red Dino Brave Blue Dino Brave Pink Dino Brave Green Dino Brave Black Dino Brave Gold Dino
Lupinranger VS Patranger Lupin Red Lupin Blue Lupin Yellow Patren 3gou Patren 2gou Lupin X Patren X Lupin Tricolor
Patren 1gou Patren Ugou
Ryusoulger Ryusoul Red Ryusoul Blue Ryusoul Pink Ryusoul Green Ryusoul Black Gaisoulg Ryusoul Moria Ryusoul Gold Ryusoul Brown
Kiramager Kiramai Red Kiramai Blue Kiramai Yellow Kiramai Pink Kiramai Green Kiramai Silver Kiramai Gold
Zenkaiger Zenkai Juran Zenkai Vroon Zenkai Gaon Zenkai Magine Zenkaizer Stacaesar Twokai Flint Twokaizer
Zenkai Red
The High School Heroes Akahero Aoihero Kihero Momohero Midohero Ginhero
Donbrothers DonMomotaro SaruBrother OniSister KijiBrother InuBrother
Zenkaizer Black

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