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Sentai Rangers who have led their teams. They are mostly red with few exceptions.

Leaders to Primary Teams

Leaders to Secondary Teams

Leaders to Anniversary Special Teams

Leaders to Unofficial Teams

Leaders to Alternate Reality teams

Leaders to Evil Teams

Sentai Teams without Leaders

  • Although the Megarangers have an unofficial leader in Kouichirou Endou, the team does not have an official leader.
  • Before Ep. 32: RV Robo's Great Reverse Run, the Carrangers did not have an official leader.
  • Before Lesson 23, the Gekirangers did not have an official leader.
  • The Goseigers do not have a leader. An entire episode was devoted to showing that this was the case
  • Some of the leaders in the team had once denied that they are actually the leader, though they more often than not continue to act in the role regardless of what they initially say.
    • Right says that all ToQgers are leaders in different ways.
    • Lucky said that no one is the leader of Kyurangers.
    • Koh has refused the leadership and doesn't see the point of being a leader when they're working as a team.

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