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All female Sentai Ranger articles go here. These heroines are often sweet and kind, and have mixed strength and agility. A common tactic with heroines, normally Pink and Yellow Warriors, is to assume various disguises. Only seven White Warriors, five (six, if you count Akibaranger) Blue Warriors, three Green Warriors, two Silver Warriors and one Red, Gold, Violet, Cyan and Orange were in the franchise. Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, the fifth Sentai series, is the only one to have no female Rangers.

Main Female Rangers

Unofficial Female Rangers

Alternate Female Rangers

Temporary Female Rangers

Extra Female Rangers

Secondary Female Rangers

  • J5 (Neo-Jetman 5)

Females with Debatable Ranger Status

False Female Rangers

Unofficial False Female Rangers

Unique Evil Female Rangers

Unofficial Unique Evil Female Rangers

Super Female Rangers

Heroines who can assume Super forms.

Sentai Teams

Gokai Changes

Female versions of the male Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms used by Gokai Yellow and Pink are normally equipped with top and pants or skirts, unless the teams female/females lacked them.

Transfer Changes

Avatar Changes

Ranger Keys

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